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Thread: Masquerade Mergoggles

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    it's not paranoia, it is sense of self-preservation

    And google cured me of my desire to return to the tropics.
    Heck, I'm surprised anyone can survive there with all the stuff I know about by now.
    (I also understand now why they say that ignorance is bliss...)

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    Bumping this thread because Halloween is coming and a few years back I found a plastic filigree masqurade mask. I always see metal or fabric ones which obviously you don't want to take in water. The mask I found was red, but you can use a plastic bonding spray paint like Krylon or rustolium 2x to change that.

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    This thread is Amazing! I love all the beautiful goggle designs on here!

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    You have inspired me to give this a whirl! I love my goggles because I'm blind as a bat otherwise.
    ***** I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living *****

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    I've decided to try this idea out. I too like some other merfolk here need glasses and without goggles i can only see something when it's about a foot away from me(30.48 centimeters for mers outside the US), plus i can't keep my eyes open for more than 30 seconds underwater so i think that being able to wear goggles would be a big help and save me a ton of eye drops as well.

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    I have to try this! I am legally blind in one eye, so seeing above water is already difficult for me without my glasses. Being able to wear prescription goggles that were customized to look like a mermaid mask would be a big help!

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    I have picked out a mask, now i shall lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce on my mailbox.

    This is the mask i chose:
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