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Thread: The Vancouver Aquarium's Baby Beluga Tiqa Passes Away

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    The Vancouver Aquarium's Baby Beluga Tiqa Passes Away

    I just heard the sad news - normally I would have read it in the paper but since I am overseas I heard it over facebook from a friend who's fiance works with the belugas. Just heartbreaking for the Aquarium to lose Tiqa, a 3 year old beluga born to Qila (who was born to Aurora 16 years ago at the Van Aquarium). She hadn't been well for about 2 weeks; turns out she had pneumonia.
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    This is sad.

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    she was sick for about 10 days her health began to decline quickly that day and they found out she passed from Pneumonia, its sad to loose her, sadly VanAqua has a bad history of keeping belugas.

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    this is very sad news indeed.
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