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Thread: Any Gothic merfolks out there? (looks around)

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    I'm not goth but as a metalhead girl i tend to befriend goth girls easily. Also yeah know that i have my mertail i love it but it's far from dark style but still i'm more inspired from myths and legends of the past than Disney when it comes to mermaids so i'm also on the dark and dangerous mer style side in that aspect. This topic seems dead but who knows maybe you will take it back to life.

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    well, my mersona is definitely the dark and dangerous (and spooky) type, I have a few dark tails too, but my go-to colours in clothing (and main tail) is mostly white, silvery, or pastel.
    I've always been very fascinated by "pagan" and mystic beliefs and rituals, been dabbling in Egyptology and history, but I don't think I've ever counted as "goth" (despite owning some very gothic costumes).

    I only listen to classical music, and I like historical clothing much more than anything current, because back then people actually had taste and style.
    Anything past the 1950s is just dreadful.
    I do own a few medieval gowns (those nicely overlap with gothic and fantasy styles like elves), but my favorite period fashion-wise would be Regency.
    I like it so much that I decided to wear it everywhere, not just at home.

    I'm not sure what that makes me or if there is a word/subculture for that (most people seem to prefer Victorian stuff, or mix it up with modern).

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    I'm quite a fan of the goth aesthetic, and I'm into the music a bit too. I really want to put together a goth mersona someday.

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    Hey do any of you goth oriented mers know some good goth mermaidy song? I thinked about add a goth mer song playlist advice to the mermaid music topic here but i only know some mermaid/sea/water themed goth songs from some very well known goth bands. Here the list i had thought about : 1-Gene Loves Jezebel - Sweet Sweet Rain 2-Cocteau Twins -Lorelei 3-This Mortal Coil-Song to the Siren 4-Sister Of Mercy-Marian (ok it's not really linked but i'm feeling it mer connected somehow especially with the deep abyssal singer voice and some lyrics like "across the water, across the wave). 5-Clan of Xymox-Medusa 6-The Cult-Rain 7-Fields of The Nephilim-Blue Water 8-And Also The Trees-Mermen Of The Lea 9-And Also The Trees-When The Rains Come 10-And Also The Trees-Winter Sea 11-Inkubbus Sukkubus-Song of the siren 12-Inkubbus Sukkubus-Come To Me (Song of The Water Nymph) 13-Inkubbus Sukkubus, Three Woman And The sea 14-Inkubbus Sukkubus, Winter Rain 15-Lord Of The Lost Loreley 16-Inkubbus Sukkubus, Lost To The Sea 17-Inkubbus Sukkubbus, To The River A Life 18-Zola Jesus-Dangerous Days 19-The Horrors-Sea Within A Sea 20-The Wake-Silent Siren Are you agreeing about these songs being both "goth" and "mer" enough for this list? Do you think they may be better fitted songs for this i don't know of? Thanks.

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    Thanks you. I am a bit late i didnt see your answer earlier, i really appreciate it (though if i really want to be annoying with musical genre classification its more goth metal than strictly goth to me it's still fit), good tunes. Well do you think we should move the gothic mermaid music suggestion to the mermaid music generic topic or do you feel their best suited here?

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    Don't know. If you want to, you can move it but I think it does not work anyway.

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    I'm confused. What does not work?

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    Splitting topics usually needs moderator rights in common forum software.

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    Oh ok. Well let's people who wants to speak to others goths about goth fashion and community and see our mermaid goth music suggestion just comme here in this goth mer topics then if you agree .

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