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Thread: Any South Australia Adelaide Mermaids Here?

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    Any South Australia Adelaide Mermaids Here?

    Sooo.. Are there any mermaids from adelaide or south australia here?

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    Of course! hehe! Myself, Mermaid Miel, Darcythemermaid, Ilynena, mermaid Ilythia Finlay, Syrean, Lalaith_Sushi Flower- and there could be more but I've got a terrible memory! haha!

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    Hey how are you :P how long you been mermaiding <3
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    Mizuko: Nawwww of course I know you Mizuko and Miel I was just seeing if there were others here and there seems to be

    Ilyena: Hi There Ilyena ^^

    Syrean: Hello there ^^ Nice to meet you I am doing good thankyou you? I've been mermaiding since maybe april of this year you?

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    You're a new mermaid like me! Its so inspiring seeing others pop up with the same passion in South Australia!

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    I'm not originally from Adelaide, but I'll be down there foreign exchanging for a few months. It's nice to see that there are mers there!

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