So, I had tried this idea before, and it hadn't caught on. I've done this on other forums. Here is a thread where you can post if you arent planning on being on the forum for a while. That way when people are trying to get ahold of you or waiting for you to reply in a thread and you aren't, they can come check, and low-and-behold they see you're away

And I'm actually going to start it off!

You know me, I am addicted to the forum. But real life is getting crazy so I need to pay better attention to it. A very close family member is going through some health stuff, I'm going through some health stuff, and business stuff is just insane. But every time in the past when I've taken an extended break on here it's usually drama related haha so I just wanted to quell the rumours before they get going Feel free to message me on my facebook page but please know I don't have time to give out advice or help right now. I've posted lots of great threads here you can check out. <3