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Thread: The "I'm going to be away for a bit" announcement thread

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    Exclamation The "I'm going to be away for a bit" announcement thread

    So, I had tried this idea before, and it hadn't caught on. I've done this on other forums. Here is a thread where you can post if you arent planning on being on the forum for a while. That way when people are trying to get ahold of you or waiting for you to reply in a thread and you aren't, they can come check, and low-and-behold they see you're away

    And I'm actually going to start it off!

    You know me, I am addicted to the forum. But real life is getting crazy so I need to pay better attention to it. A very close family member is going through some health stuff, I'm going through some health stuff, and business stuff is just insane. But every time in the past when I've taken an extended break on here it's usually drama related haha so I just wanted to quell the rumours before they get going Feel free to message me on my facebook page but please know I don't have time to give out advice or help right now. I've posted lots of great threads here you can check out. <3


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    :> Have a lovely break dear.
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    We are going to miss you (A LOT) here, Raina...

    Have a nice break and come back soon.

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    Have a nice break! Hope everything works out well!
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    Good luck on your break Raina!
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    oh no guys you dont understad. she going to go out there and get a life! like wow thats a big comitment first you get a life and then start talking to people and and and omg i cant watch! (i bet you i sounded like a troll here didnt i? if i did sorry! didnt mean to sound mean! anyway make sure you write back now!)

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    Everybody needs a rest every now an then.
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    Arrgg, health stuff :/

    Wish you all the best.

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    We will really miss you!have a nice rest!
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    hppe things get better ive been in and out of the doctors too. Hope your family is alright.

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    Hey folks! I thought I'd check in, I've had a few people send me emails etc to see how I'm doing

    My family member who was in the hospital is doing much better and is home for christmas pending follow up treatment which is REALLY great. It got pretty dicey there and this is a very close family member, so I'm thankful things are looking up for them.

    I however have traded them places and had my own hospital stay my health has sort of been all over and there were a few serious complications with my conditions which made me really anxious about NCmerfest. Anyway, I got out yesterday after a brief trip, and I'm all clear for travelling but I'll be having a surgery (much needed) when I get back.

    My mermaid stuff has been insanely busy, and I havent had much chance to post anything on my page. Doing a lot of private gigs that don't have photo permission so sadly not much I can share.

    Christmas is around the corner and our family is super busy (big blended family!) and then travelling to NC. I can't wait to see everyone in NC it's going to be amazing

    Thanks to those of you who have been respecting my boundaries and giving me some space. I know I try to be helpful in the community and giv eout info etc but sometimes people have a hard time realize I am not available 24/7 for every issue under the sun I'm working on my second book too and i'm really hopeful it'll continue to help people like my first one

    So thanks for all the lover and support and patience. Miss you all! xxoo

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    So ermm hello again? But I didnt really say goodbye?
    I Just got done with my first quarter of college! Busiest time of my life! Graduated from HS, packed up my life and started college. It was really great, met all sorts of new people and got pretty involved! Even play Quidditch and went to a yule ball Sadly, no mermaid activities 'Cept I did don a wetsuit and go freediving with my competitor in the lake! But now that the rush of the first quarter is settling down I comin back! And trying to catch up on everything I have missed!
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    Hey everyone. I know I don't post a whole lot, but I still wanted to let you know that I'll be taking a break. I don't really know when I'll be back.
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    going away from 13th to Idunno.
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    I am going away 14th february until 23th february. See ya later!
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    See you when you get back.

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    I'm guessing I'll be gone the 13th-24th. My fiance got his visa approved, so he'll be visiting me (OMGYAY!) and on top of that, we have few historical events we're supposed to be featured in. So, I'll be spending all my time either with him, or with my sewing machine in preparation. Lol
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    Hope everything is going swimmingly!

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    away from 15th to 25th of march
    I can stay here but not for long
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    Sorry I've been away a lot and without warning. Just a bunch of computer troubles.


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