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Thread: Mermaids in Minnesota

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    Smile Mermaids in Minnesota

    Hey LAdies!

    So while it seems like there isnt an official Pod for the MN area yet, I am goingo to try to help that get settled soon and in the mean time would love to know how many Mers there actually are in MN that are in this site?

    If you are in MN, could you say hi and share where in MN you are?

    I think we can include the Dakotas and part of WI as well, like on the POD map.
    I would love for us to get a bit more organized and figure out where we are so we can start planning some meet ups!

    So, to start:

    Mermaid Meko, White Bear Lake, MN

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    I'm from Wisconsin and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here I would love to meet some more mermaids that live near by! I've been wanting to start a thread like this for a while.

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    Hey there,

    I'm in Minneapolis!
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    Well, I'm no mermaid, but I'm working at becoming a merman.. and I'm located in Wisconsin!

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    Hey yall - I'm a bit late to this thread, BUT I am in Minnesota AND Wisconsin! Checkin' in.

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    I have family in Minnesota

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    Rogers,MN here and reporting for duty.

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    I am here in Eden Prairie and am looking to meet other mers to swim with.

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    yeah! we should maybe try and plan a pod meet'n'swim, eh?

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    Yeah totally!

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    Is there a pool in the metro area that is mer friendly?

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    I'm not sure, but I was thinking about looking into the Hudson YMCA cause it's kinda the in-between point for MN/WI...otherwise once summer comes I'm sure we could pick any number of lakes?

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    Everyone on my dads side lives in Minnesota/Wisconsin. We visit a lot during the summer! (: most are I the st.paul/Minneapolis area and some of them live in Sommerset, WI (like 25-30 min away I think?)

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    Sommerset isn't too far, how about a mer picnic?

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    That would be so fun! I'll let you guys know next time were heading up that way(:

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    I'm still looking for merfriendly pools in the metro - any of yall know of any already?

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    Haven't heard of any, but will let you know when I do!

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    SooOOOooo today so far I have called 35 different places through Roberts, River Falls, Hudson, Stillwater, and Saint Paul. Of those 7 have open swim/indoor pools - but only 3 seem merfriendly.

    I plan on calling Bloomington, Mpls, etc. later today - but thought I'd share my findings so far.

    Interestingly River Falls and a little bit of Stillwater were by far the nicest and most helpful people I've talked to. So kudos on them!!


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