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Thread: Mermaids in Minnesota

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    Hey NightDiver! I work at MNRF as well, and I make both fabric and silicone tails.
    Welcome to the Midwest Merpod! Do you mind letting us know your name? I am curious if we know one another!
    And if you ever decide to pursue a tail, there for sure is a MidwestMer discount

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    My name is Tom. I sang at the Festival about 18 years ago. I also play the trumpet and sounded the fanfares for the Royal Court while I was there. (It was interesting being in two different worlds at the same time, but it was a lot of fun.) The last time I was there was 9 years ago.

    Most of my costuming now is Star Wars and Superhero related. (I have 501st approved Stormtrooper armor and Royal Guard robes and I made myself Jedi robes a couple weekends ago). I also have a couple superhero suits I've worn for events: Alien Spiderman, Spiderman (traditional red/blue) and Green Lantern.

    I'll keep you in mind if I ever spring for a tail. I want to try and swim in one first sometime to see what I really think.

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    That's a great idea! If more people can I think they should try out a tail first. The silicone tails are really really hard on your body and not everyone enjoys or can even tolerate the experience. It would be so sad to spend all that money and then realize you don't like it.

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    Hello! I'm MermaidAvira! I'm new to the mernetwork, still trying to figure things out. I've always wanted to work at the MNRF!! I only live like 30 minutes from it! How did you get the job? Do you have a website with your tails on it?

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    I can't say what their requirements are....but from my experience this year with them - I had to audition, own my FinFolk tail and also go through Academy/training.

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    Auditions are usually held in the spring and the academy runs through the summer. Unless you are one of the Royal family, you will need to provide your own costume.

    I had a lot of fun when I worked there, but the days got long and were tiring. Those that work there as entertainers (not the food vendors or shopkeepers) do so because they truly enjoy it.

    From a friend of mine who works there now, they are trying to make the atmosphere more family friendly as well. I haven't been there in over 9 years (when my now college freshman was going into fourth grade).

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    I live in circle pines minnesota

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    I live 5 miles south of the Iowa-MN border and work in Spring Grove, MN. Hope I am allowed to join.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla of Duluth View Post
    THANK YOU. I live right on the tip of Lake Superior and it is the clearest, most beautiful place to swim. The north shore has so much scenery and places to swim, I'd take a lake over a pool any day.
    I miss the north shore. I keep seeing photos of gooseberry falls. Been so long since I was there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Galene View Post
    What would you folks think about having a meetup in Hudson? There are two beautiful state parks nearby - Willow River and Kinnickinnic. Both have swimming beaches. Kinnickinnic SP beach has no lifeguards, which could be both an advantage and a disadvantage,
    I lack a tail but I am a certified lifeguard so I could watch our mers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid_pearl View Post
    Rogers,MN here and reporting for duty.
    My cousins (one of which knows about me being a merman) lives in Rogers.

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    Im from shoreview, MN. i swim at the shoreview YMCA. Meko, could we do a swim meet-up?

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    I would love to swim with some Merfolk soon! I am going through withdrawls from Merfest.

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    Stu and I would be happy to host another meetup here like last summer - picnic lunch by our prairie followed by a swim in the scenic St. Croix. Does that sound appealing?

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    That does sound awesome! As a new member of the Midwest and Great Lakes pods, I would love this to happen so I could meet some fellow merfolk. My mom doesn't beleive that the merfolk community really exists. Whenever she encounters something that is out of her ordinary, she usually thinks its a scam. I end up having to do a huge amount of research and sometimes a presentation to convice her that its real. Plus, until now, I've been strictly a pool mermaid. I would love to try lake and/or river swimming.

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    I'll check our calendar and see which Saturdays or Sundays we have free this summer. Would love to meet the newish local mers and see again the folks we met last year!

    Mermaid Galene (pronounced Guh-LEE-nee)

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    Neptune's Keep makes music with fish. Fish have hidden depths!

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    I would love to meet again!

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    If anyone is free this weekend, mermaid Heather and I are meeting up on Sunday afternoon for a swim and a bite to eat somewhere between Rochester and West St. Paul. The more the merrier!

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    I would love to meet up! Let me know where and when.

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    So, has there been a place and time decided on yet?

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    Its going to be in Minneapolis, probably about 5:30, because were hitting the uptown food truck faire afterwards

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