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Thread: Wired magazine does article on seaworld death

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    Wired magazine does article on seaworld death

    Okay before I post this I want to preface by saying this is in NO WAY an attempt to alienate those of you who work at sea world or support animal captivity. I just thought it was REALLY interesting to see the well known science magazine Wired pick up on this story and I felt the person they interviewed had some valid points. I think it's a smart read especially compared to other things out there.

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    I totally agree. I don't want to demonize anyone, but keeping whales in captivity is wrong.

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    WHALES in captivity? there is no way they could fit them comfortably in a tank and those poor creatures. what the?! what can we do other than not attend to stop this? maybe tell our friends that its awful, but that is the most pathetic thing i heard today. using animals for profit is just gross if the animal cant enjoy it too. most dogs are good with this but yeesh!
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