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Thread: Big Ohio Studio Underwater Photographer

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    Big Ohio Studio Underwater Photographer

    So heres the scoop fellow mers! There is a Photography Studio here in Ohio that specializes in elite Senior Portraits and Family Portraits...why I am posting is that for alot of the Sr. Photos he does UNDERWATER PORTRAITS.

    this is the gallery for some of his underwater work

    underwater photographers like this with access to this kind of studio are few and far between here in the midwest, northern, and great lakes pods

    I called to price just 1 underwater photo session and the cost is $220....hello tax money.....

    I just finished putting together my ENTIRE mer costume thanks to Urban Aurora on Etsy

    I cannot wait to go and do a photo shoot!
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    Wow those are some beautiful pictures! If I was anywhere near Ohio (I live in Phoenix, AZ,) and was finished making my tail, I would SO call and schedule a shoot! Thank you for the info though!

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    I might have to make a trip to Ohio...
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    thats amazing

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    It would be nice to have a pool to shoot in, but pool rentals from the school system are $150 per hour! $220 for an UW session is cheap considering the cost of gear.

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    Hello Everyone! I represent Peters Photography and we noticed the interest shown in our images. Thanks for the positive comments!! We have been shooting underwater for the last 5 yrs and love every second of it. The images that come from these sessions are one of a kind. The prices that Mermaid Odette stated are correct. We usually block off 1.5 hours. No prints or images are included with the session fee. We have 2 locations we typically shoot at. One is an indoor pool for the any special wintertime shoots, otherwise its here at the studio. I am posting a mermaid image that we created for a client. If you have any questions feel free to call in or message us here. Our number is 740.852.2731 We are glad you found us!!

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    wow, wish i was closer.
    There are some very stunning photos on his web site.
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    Im so excited! I have a payday coming soon from an acting job and as soon as I have funds eneough for a downpayment I will be booking a shoot. I have been practicing posing in a pool with my tail on and with weights on my legs. Hoping it pays off!
    ~A mermaid found a swimming lad, picked him for her own, pressed her body to his body,and made the sea their home~

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    I wish I had another mer to shoot with though. Double mermaid shoot would be uber cool!!!
    ~A mermaid found a swimming lad, picked him for her own, pressed her body to his body,and made the sea their home~

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    Those are some amazing photos! I wish I had one like that nearby me
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    Gorgeous! I love it! <3

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    Odette I would love to do a shoot with you! I'm taking over my mkms business next week, and all the money she's been making will now be mine to make. Maybe we could arrange something?!


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