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Thread: Home Design/Decor Thread

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    Home Design/Decor Thread

    Hey guys! I posted this in the "wavedancing forum" as well so i thought i'd share it here too.

    After fishing for a few threads to see if there were any similar threads like this one, i decided to make one dedicated to interior design and how to make your own little humble mermaid abode. I hope the moderators and admins dont mind that i put the thread under traditional art since.. Home design technically falls under other art .__. that stuff is more difficult than it looks... but i digress.

    Reason for this thread creation is that I bought my house over the summer; papers signed, payments made. All that's left is to go to the design office and have the house built!
    but i had no ideas in my mind about what to do to make my home...mine. and after collecting a few images and stuff, i thought it'd be really nice to share with my sea sisters and brothers!
    and i also would like to see what sort of designs and ideas you guys can come up with as well!

    so i shall start.

    i wrote about what kind of home i will have in my blog (one of the images is messed up..) so you guys can see what it kind of looks like.

    Here are the looks i'm going for (EDIT: I included images to spare you guys the trouble of clicking links and paragraphs of text)
    Name:  second+floor.jpg
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    Name:  game+room+stairs.jpg
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Size:  83.6 KB Name:  3rd+floor.jpg
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Size:  63.3 KBName:  master+bath.jpg
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Size:  43.4 KBName:  foyer+ideas.png
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Size:  172.2 KBName:  ocean+mural.jpg
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    I think my sense of style has kind of IMPROVED a bit. when i was in grade 5 i watched a lot of debbie travis painted house shows and other home decor/design challenge shows, and since i lived in a tiny apartment with my big family, i've always wanted to have my own dream home and fill it with all this cool stuff. when i look back on the images they looked childish. and even though i still want my mermaidy ocean home, i kept wondering.. how should i upgrade the look without sacrificing the awesome? and low and behold the above images in the links showed up.

    Quite excited to share the process with everyone once the plans are in motion! i've always wanted to do this!
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    Great blog! And I love your design style! I look forward to following your progress. Are you on Pinterest? TONS of beautiful design ideas there!

    Good luck!

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    Unfortunately no pinterest since im worried I'll never be able to leave the Internet because of all the pretty pictures haha! Thank you mae!
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    i just put images up in case no one wanted to click on the links :P
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    I love these ideas! My bedroom has an "under the sea" theme, but none of the cool design elements like what you posted. Also, I love the jellyfish lamps *drool*

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    OOOOH! I love this all so much! I'm planning on re-designing my apartment after the holidays and these ideas are so perfect! I love those stairs, with the blue gradient. I wish I had stairs in my apartment that I could paint! But those jellyfish lights are totally cool. Might have to do something like that.

    Good luck with your house! That is so exciting to hear! The day that I get my own house to tear apart and decorate and make mine, man, that'll be an awesome day.
    Mermaid Sparkle

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    I love the staircase! What a fun idea!
    - Loren Eisley

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    Thank you sweete

    Eeeek bayou can I see the room? and sparkle!!! I wanna see your ideas too!
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    Ok so guys I realized I neglected the dining room and the open balcony. I don't know what I do with the dining room since its open concept .. Meaning there's no wall separating the kitchen and living room so everything is one big space. And for the big balcony, well... It can fit a patio set and a BBQ grill.

    Clueless about what to do with the space.
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    Name:  glowing seashell belcony.jpg
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Size:  30.7 KB ok so i'm pretty sure i wanna do this for the balcony.
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    perhaps this dining room. hubby says he loves the overall look of the house since its blue :3
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    Eee! They just plotted the land for building the houses!!!
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    Omg I NEED ghose jellyfish lamps!!

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    youre welcome :3 she also has coral ottomans.

    i think the most expensive light is worth 475 bucks.
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    Ok so I wanted to visualize what the space would be like so I decided to use sims to recreate the house. What sucks is how the stairs are designed and placed can't control how high they're supposed to go!!!!!

    Made an almost scale replica of the place. had to tweak a few things because the sims scaling didnt exactly match the real floorplan
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    Anyway there's not a lotta mermaids options on sims but I was able to make the second and first floor coastal and nautical themed..ish

    Name:  Screenshot-2.jpg
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Size:  472.4 KBName:  Screenshot-3.jpg
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Size:  139.3 KBName:  Screenshot-4.jpg
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Size:  533.0 KBName:  Screenshot-8.jpg
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    Here's a nice's no coral reef, but maybe for a guest room...

    Name:  pool-1.jpg
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    omg, I want that bedspread! >w<
    (Formerly known as Mermaid Claudia)

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    is it wierd that i can picture that bedspread in a black room? and the room looks like tron inspired?
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Those are so cool!! I love the jelly lights.

    I'm actually working on my mermaid fantasy home (well...apartment, lol) right now! We just moved in so I have a bunch of pics and decorations I haven't hung up yet but so far we've painted our walls seafoam green in the living room/dining area (the paint color is actually called "mermaid song". Go figure.) I have an iron mermaid statue near my plants, a jellyfish picture hung up that looks like a scientific poster kind of, a large shimmery ceramic sea shell that holds my candles, another candle holder that is filled with shells and sand, a conch shell I found which is now just kinda...hanging out, and a glass ball with a glass jelly inside. Maybe I'll post pics later.

    We still have a ton of sea life and mermaid pictures to hang and a porthole mirror. But after all the work we put into this thinking about even MORE work just makes me want to go to bed, lol.


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