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Thread: Home Design/Decor Thread

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    I can't wait to show you guys!
    Mine is gonna be a little more grown up but there will be not so subtle mermaid tributes.
    Going with coastal living and nautical theme. My walk in closet and bathroom however I am going batshit crazy with the design

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    They're putting up the foundations of the first floor.

    i repeat.

    The SeaGlass Siren

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    my mother bought me a house warming gift: a beach scape on canvas. quite large. i do not have a picture of this because she will not give it to me yet,but she couldnt wait to surprise me so she just went "ANDREA I BOUGHT U SOMETHING FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY FOR THE HOUSE."... oh yes i get the keys on my birthday :P

    went to michael's craft store and bought a bunch of nautical things for the home as well. there's a little board that says keep calm and think of the sea that i took home, a circular mirror with rope-framing, and two "books" that act as containers/ boxes. i'm using one of them atm as a medicine holder, and the other to stash my dream journals
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    Sounds beautiful!

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    honey ya got no idea. i forgot i also got me a tiny jar of sorts to put my shells, sand dollars and starfishes in.
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    Love the ideas and pretties in here.

    I think this can go here too. Jellyfish night lights ^_^
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    When Fantasy is Reality

    Links: ^_^
    Mermaid Ilyena >Adelaide Mermaids
    Hippocampus Creations >Etsy

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    Almost done making my first ​tail!!! -progress pictures at!-P-might-make-a-tail-tips&p=195098#post195098
    -Friends come and go like waves of the ocean, but true ones stay like an octopus on your face-Unknown

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    Oh my gah that's so cute
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    Ok so my house details are updated on my blog.
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    also i found this video online (i follow xiaxue) and she has this amazing living space ever that's coastal themed. so if you wanted something a little bit more grown up (because your parents are jumping down your throat about it) but still want to add a little bit more "you" into it, i think this pretty much meets everyone's needs.

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    And theeen for this one, skip the video to 4:19.
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    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Quick drive-by posting:
    This lamp that makes watery projections is suddenly on sale for under $2 + $5 shipping (approx)- most places sell it for $30. Yes, there is probably a way to make one, but in case anyone is interested:
    Matney Ocean Wave Light Projector, Multicolor
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    Quote Originally Posted by deepblue View Post
    Quick drive-by posting:
    This lamp that makes watery projections is suddenly on sale for under $2 + $5 shipping (approx). Yes, there is probably a way to make one, but in case anyone is interested:
    Matney Ocean Wave Light Projector, Multicolor
    Ooooooo I need this
    "The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea​" ~Isak Dinesen

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    I have one, and you get what you pay for. It's cute if you have it on a night stand right next to the wall. Just don't expect too much.

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    Then it sounds like $7 is about right. lol I ordered one, and I admit I am not expecting too much. It's been sitting in my wishlist as I tried to find time to create plans to make one, but I'm pretty sure I can't make one for under $7.

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    Pretty much the same thing here, I have one and this gives a very realistic example of what you're getting, but just different colours.

    Also, I am in the process of turning my bedroom into a mermaid cave, I will defs post pictures here once the transformation is complete

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    i have something like that but it's a baby's night light (no shame ok? xD)
    it's a Cloud B Tranquil sea turtle that projects ocean waves and you can place it in any part of the room. it also has a few features like playing ocean waves, or music, and you can keep the light still too.
    it burned out after 5 months of use and now i have to switch out batteries lol.

    I got it at mastermind toys, but now they also sell a variety of them at babies r us .
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    Did another drive by (raster dive by) to my humble abode.
    They just finished adding bricks to my house!! The colour is called "oyster white".
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    Update: I should be getting an appointment done for a home inspection sometime this week though I'm not sure when ... But I looked through the windows and it looks like the dry wall is up in the master bedroom!!!
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