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Thread: Home Design/Decor Thread

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    Finished my list of House Rules so i can frame it and put it on the main floor and the foyer. Here's what i have so far (on my word document it's obviously a lot nicer and has a starfish and everything.)

    Be Respectful
    Take off your Shoes
    Keep Promises
    Think of the Environment
    Clean After Yourself
    Embrace Your Inner Weird
    Use of Swears allowed, but Not at Each Other
    Discussions Openly Welcomed
    Question Everything but Don’t be a Fucking Moron
    Don’t be a Public Pool Bitch

    We Do Not Tolerate ANY of the following:
    Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, Mansplaining, Slut-Shaming, Victim-Blaming, Body-Shaming, Making Fun of Feminists, Derogatory Comments/Slurs, Smoking, Drugs/Paraphernalia, Religious Extremists, Superstitious Fanatics, Lying, Objectifying People’s Bodies, Sexual/Physical/Verbal Abuse, Cheating, and Stealing.
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    New addition to my mermaid room!!
    I have a few other things too

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    OMG!! CUTE!! i have a tshirt with that ariel deign!
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    Name:  houserules.png
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    heres what my house rules actually looks like.
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    Home Design/Decor Thread

    Did you just type it up and are going to frame it?

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    yes :3
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    It's so professional looking!! Smart idea

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    Home Design/Decor Thread

    Progress in the room, just waiting on the seashell washi tape

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    My phone can't post pics to mernetwork. So here is a link to my page. I posted an up to dt photo of my master bedroom
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaGlass Siren View Post
    Name:  houserules.png
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    heres what my house rules actually looks like.
    I so need one of these for my place.

    Awesome job on it

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    I got this pretty mermaid in corpus Christie a couple weeks ago. She's hanging up in my art room.

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    Thanks Jamie!! You're free to use it if you like.
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    Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  91.9 KBYay! All furnished!!
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    It looks awesome! :-)

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    there is gonna be a video soon
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    So i'm actually pondering lights fixtures for dining room and living room because the fucking builders didnt give any lights and i need my damn lights wtf :\

    so i go onto pottery barn kids *because eff the adult section its so damn boring. the children section is so much more nicer* and i find a cute chandalier that looks like a sea urchin and a light fixture that is super nautical.

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    How bout a mermaid themed Christmas tree with fishy and oceanic decorations?

    You could get some plastic canvas and sew up some fishes, mermaids, starfishes etc.
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    I work at a Beverly's fabrics and one of the display trees is all mermaidy

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    skipping the xmas tree this year because i just want to fill the place with other things first. like lights and hooks for our jackets because wtf our so called closet isnt large enough to even hang jackets. :\ i have to buy one of these (below) so we have enough space to hang out jackets.

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