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Thread: New Merman top

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    New Merman top

    Decided to make a new top recently. The idea was to get a flesh-colored binder, then sew a covering for it out of flesh-colored spandex that could be painted.

    The dorsal fin is more spandex with slivers of pool noodle to create the spines. It doesn't stand up well on land, but works great in the water. Paint was done with normal acrylic paints, just dabbed on in a vague scale pattern because I didn't feel like putting more effort into it. (Laying netting and spray painting would look great, I'm sure). Black slits in the sides look kind of like gills. Then, my favorite recent discovery, spray on fabric glitter.

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    with my tail

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    Great job Ed!

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    looks epic
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    Nice job. I'd love to see it in action.
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    Ed, you are a genius! I would never have thought to use a binder as a base for a "naked" mer-person... You look really awesome, great job for not getting too into the details! And hey, now I finally have a reason to ask for a binder!

    ...Please do let us know how it wears/lasts in water, since I think binders are not usually meant for prolonged pool/ocean use? And of course, some action shots in the water wouldn't be amiss!

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    Honestly that is sooooo cool looking!!!!
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