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    The name Ocean Rose made me think of the song Ocean Gypsy by Blackmores Night... but probably a little more bubbly for a NZ-er. Having swam off Punukaki and near Cape Reinga (forget the beach name) last year I can definitely understand why you are looking for warmer weathers. Although a great place to be a Mer would be the Waikite Pools which has a good warm swimming pool for playing with the visiting children. And great onsite camping...

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    Hi roamingmer!

    I've been to Cape Reinga, not swimming though - thank you for the recommendation of Waikite Pools, I've not heard of them, I'll definitely check it out.
    My family and I go very often to a beach called Whangamata, and hope to visit some more beaches along the Coromandel soon :-)


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