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Thread: My first modeling experience! :D

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    My first modeling experience! :D

    S Hi Y'all

    On a weekly basis I go to an Art academy for people wo have Autism.
    Most people there know I do mermaiding but never have seen my tail before in real life.
    So a few weeks ago I brought that topic up and asked if it wasent a cool idea if I took my tail with me to class and model a bit. They where supportive so today was the day!

    I had so mutch fun!
    Everybody was curious of seeing me in a fish tail so they all where having a sneak-peak when i was fairly squeezed in my tail (thank you extra panties!)

    I helped myself up on a desk chair and they rolled me to the table that was full of blankets and comfy pillows.

    The modeling itself was fun but quite exhausting. I did tree hours in total and the teachers said i had to choose easy positions to hold, so i would not get cramps or anything etc.

    Afterwards most people told me I was a good 'model' scince I have no problems of sitting still.

    As for pictures: I have some pictures taken and will add them here when I edited them ^^
    I also have some of the drawings/sketches, they turned out pretty neat!!


    tails selfie xD

    some sketches

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    Wow that's really cool!
    I can't wait to see how the drawings turn out!
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    Pictures added! I see I double post some but will fix it tomorrow!

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    Wow, that looks like a great experience!

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    Oh my goodness! That looks like it was a blast! I love the artwork

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    The fit of your tail is really great! Nice and tight, hardly any wrinkles!
    You look like you had fun, Ariel.
    Mermaid Dottie
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