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Thread: *glub glub splish splish*

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    *glub glub splish splish*

    Why, Hello there!
    My mer-name is Kaila Mermaid, or Mermaid Kaila. Occasionally the order flips on accident, such as the naming of my tumblr. Choosing the name Kaila Mermaid was fairly easy, seeing as Kaila Montgomery is my birth-given name. This way I can conveniently sign things as Kaila M. and unsuspecting peoples would be none the wiser . I have always loved the Mer and have felt a deep connection and passion for the sea and all things aquatic. My mother called me her water baby, seeing as if there was any form of water nearby I would soon be in it. I also believe I'm connected to the sea on a spiritual level, so mermaiding was hardly a choice, but a calling! I currently have one tail in my possession, and I just received my shipping conformation on my newest tail yesterday. I also make quite a bit of my own accessories and give them as gifts. Perhaps someday I can actually get into selling them. My first tail was a purple adult fabric tail from Mermagica. I had wanted to start getting the feel of a tail to practice in first before I spent a good couple hundred dollars on a higher quality tail. I must say, it was love at first swim. I'd always been better at the dolphin kick style of swimming than others, and it feels like home to be able to flick out a fin behind me. I hope to start swimming locally for children's parties and events, as I have been waiting for a morerealistic tail before I really wished to put my name out there. My newest, and second, tail that is soon arriving is a russet red silicone and neoprene tail from Mertailor. I'll be posting pictures of my newest tail as soon as possible! I will say, however, that I soon realized after my purchase all of the uproar that has been caused by his actions. I honestly can say I've reconsidered purchasing from him in the future. Shame, because he has lovely tails. I DIGRESS! My love for the oceans extends past mermaiding. I am also attending college in the fall (I took a hiatus after high school) to major in Marine Biology, since ocean conservation is a deep-rooted passion I hold near and dear. I'm grateful to have been able to join such a far-reaching community of fellow Mers and can't wait to possibly make a few friends! ^_^
    May you swim with the moon at your fore,
    Kaila Mermaid

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    I can't wait to see your tail! Despite all the bad things said about the Mertailor, he also does good things too sometimes. Plus, he does make some lovely tails! And russet red sounds lovely!

    ~Miyu the Rainforest Mermaid~

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    Hi Kaila!

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    Welcome! I hope your Mertailor tail turns out fabulous.

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    Nice to meet you, Kaila!
    User formerly known as "Zicoxite".

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    Welcome Kaila
    (Formerly known as Mermaid Claudia)

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    Very nice to meet you

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    Hi Kaila! Welcome to the Network!

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    Hi Kaila! Unless your tail comes to you in poor shape, I wouldn't stress. There are plenty of other mers who love their mertailor tails.
    You'll find, once you're on her a bit, that there are other texas and deep south mermaids on here, as well. Welcome to the network, sugarkelp!
    Mermaid Dottie
    ATTENTION: Please use extreme caution when feeding the mermaid. Failure to do so could result in loss of digits.


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