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Thread: 500 Sea Shells!

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    500 Sea Shells!

    Hey all, hopefully this is posted in the right spot, if not feel free to move

    I have a big event coming up and we are expecting about 500 kids! Wow
    I'll be handing out sea shells so I need about 500 of those suckers!

    Any ideas on where to get that bulk amount for a good price?
    Also with careful shipping and handling so most of them don't arrive broken.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    michaels art store.
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    They are pretty the cost so much

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    Joann's has a bag (not sure how many) about the size of a soccer ball for like 13$ and they usually have coupons for up to half off on their website.
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    The small shells on the pages I linked are only a few cents each... The folks know what they're doing and package everything really well too, so you don't have to worry about any arriving broken.

    Just a warning about the big bags o' shells at chain stores - they've not been packed or handled very well in a lot of cases; you may want to pick up some extra to make up for the broken shells :P

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