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Thread: Prosthetic teeth?

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    Prosthetic teeth?

    Does anyone know where to get some prosthetic teeth or get custom made ones?

    I am looking for sharp teeth, but not vampire ones.~
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    I'm pretty sure there are ways to make your own. Halloween stores are always a good place to check out. I know Spirit Halloween has a pretty good selection.
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    I got mine made at a convention by Graven Images:

    I don't know if he does long distance work but is work is fantastic!

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    Ohh~ Thats a good idea Mermaid Lorelei, I'll have to take a look see at my local Halloween stores.

    And Scarlet Rose, his stuff does look really awesome. : D I don't think he does long distance since he seems to want to meet you in person ( Makes sense to get the teeth fitted and all) But, If I am ever over there, I'll check him out for sure.
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    A lot of his are vampire fangs, but he's got some different styles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by APhishOutofWater View Post
    A lot of his are vampire fangs, but he's got some different styles.
    Dnash is good too; he made my previous set but i couldn't remember his name!!

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    Greyson Wolf made my fangs, and I ADORE them. I've had them for almost 2 years, and I wear them all the time - they remain sharp, and I can wear them while eating and not worry about them coming off. They are made of his own special blend of dental acrylic. I don't know if he does long distance, but you can always ask, and he does a lot of conventions. And, I'm pretty sure he's the one who made the fangs for the cast of True Blood.

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    Happy to help.
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    If you want to go the uber cheap route...
    I have a friend who likes to cosplay, and she uses the fake nails without the glue, then cuts // uses sandpaper to make them look good, and uses denture glue to put them on
    She did this for vampire teeth and it looked normal, Might work for shark teeth as well :]

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    Go to chuck-E-cheese and play a few games. When you have about 16 tickets, trade em
    in for the ol' vampire teeth!!

    Lol but seriously xD
    I find a great place for prosthetic teeth sets is here:

    My friend said making your own teeth and gum sets was supposedly
    really easy but I have yet to be updated on how any of that works so
    I'm okay with buying them for around $30-$50 from this website.
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    345 has a lot of prosthetic teeth

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    or custom fangs out of manhattan on facebook. they make custom teeth for the customer that are out of this world.

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    One treatment that your dentist may recommend to you is the creation of a custom whitening tray made for your mouth’s needs. A whitening tray’s process uses a tray created by the dentist to fit the person’s mouth and a lower-strength whitening gel that works over the course of several weeks.

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    Hi! When my teeth turned yellow due to coffee, I came up with the idea to whiten my teeth, since they are not as white as they used to be. So I found blancone teeth whitening and made an appointment. I think it would be a really good idea and you can also whiten your teeth if they are not as white as they used to be. I think it will be cool.

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    Hygiene is a cornerstone of any reputable dentist clinic. From the cleanliness of the facility to the sterilization of equipment, a commitment to hygiene creates a safe and sanitary environment for both patients and staff. This dedication to cleanliness fosters trust and confidence in the clinic's commitment to patient well-being with porcelain veneers barrie.


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