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Thread: Merman "Splash" movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echidna View Post
    but it was real.
    They hollowed out a lobster and put some mashed potatoes in, that she puked out right after the scene was shot, the lobster was still real because apparently they were too cheap to make a life-like eatable replica out of soja or something.

    I never was a fan of the movie, but even when I was a little girl and saw it the first time, I was flabbergasted at the scene, because it seemed so unnatural, and I thought it would go like she starts to cry and scream seeing another aquatic creature served as food
    But then what would they eat under the sea to be honest the most natural assumption for me is that the would eat aquatic life but then again we're talking bout a movie lol

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    it depends how you view merfolk- as waterspirits/fairies that protect their realm, like nymphs, or as a realistic aquatic ape type of creature.
    The latter is probably omnivorous, and the former lives on spirit energy


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