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Thread: Dying Your Hair

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    So wait, henna doesn't wash out of your hair either? Wow, can't believe I never knew they had henna hair dye. I thought it was only for tattoos

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    Dying Your Hair

    Nope, henna is permanent. When you first dye it is very orange but within a day or two it calms down and stays that color! I switched to henna after several temporary and then permanent red dyes turned brassy and dull on me and ruined my hair. There can be a bit of a learning curve, but it's so worth it!

    PS Henna also stains clothing, so wear clothes and use towels you don't care too much about.
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    Fyi lush isn't cruelty free or all natural. There's been several expose articles written that many of the ingredients they get from outside sources fall under both those categories. It actually drives me insane as I have environmental illness and only respond negatively to synthetic fragrance made of chemicals which they use. In north america the industry is not regulated. They can put a number of umbrella ingredient terms without actually divulging the info. I suggest looking up some of the articles. I can't post from my phone but keyword searches like " is lush really all natural or cruelty free" will give you many hits including first hand accounts by lush employees. It doesn't apply to all their products but it is certainly worth a read. I can't even walk by a lush without getting sick. :/

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    I just colored my hair with henna for the first time a few days ago (from, not Lush though) and it truly does do WONDERS on your hair. I couldn't stop feeling how soft my hair was and it looks so healthy. Although the only down-side is it really is messy and time consuming, it looks like you're putting mud in your hair and it does get all over everything! But the outcome is so worth it. It's nice to know I can color my hair without any damage. You'd probably have to use Indigo to get your hair more black though. The girl who runs Mehandi has a guide for how to do it posted on there somewhere. Good luck!

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    So I don't have to worry about that if I use henna, right? As long as I find actual indigo henna instead of the fake brownish stuff with chemicals in it

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    Dying Your Hair

    Worry about what? Cruelty free and all natural?
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    Yes, make sure you're sourcing some pure indigo henna, not the cheap stuff with dyes... icky

    I like to look at Lush's website to get ideas for my own beauty concoctions... I already have a few products I'm going to try and imitate.

    I have lightish, mousy brown hair, and I want to be blonde, but really want to try not to use so many chemicals... I've been experimenting with the honey hair bleaching (with good results, I like looking at my timeline because it really does make a difference), and now it's been a couple of months, so I have some decent roots going on... I may try just honey bleaching for a while to see if it is possible to make myself blonde that way (lemon juice fries my hair).

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    The cancer thing

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    You shouldn't have to worry about that with Henna at all since it's not a chemical hair dye.

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