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Thread: April Meetup in WA

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    Any progress on this? We're getting pretty well into April.

    I thought I'd cast my vote for the 20th or the 27th. I'm also willing to pitch in for pool rental, I dunno about anyone else

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    Sorry, I've been updating on FB and not here. I'm really sorry guys, it's just been one thing after another after another with my health since I bought this up originally. Multiple colds (I have ANOTHER one right now that's kicking my butt), back thrown out, and my other disorders/illnesses deciding to flare up mostly all at once, along with mysterious new issues I've had to go to the doctor for. I don't want to commit to renting a pool when I don't even know if I'd be able attend the meeup, let alone host the meetup, due to my health. I can hardly get the things I need to get done done.

    I'll try and email around to see if there's some place we can just go for an open swim/rec swim and pay the entry fee to get in, rather than renting a pool. If you guys want to call pools or organize something, feel free. I think we're trying to keep it around the puget sound area (Silverdale, Bremerton, Tacoma, Seattle) as far as I know.

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    April Meetup in WA

    Forest Park in Everett allows tails. I swim there with mine all of the time!

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