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Thread: We're moving to a new host!

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    Okay here's the deal- for the past month or so our domain has been held by one server host, while we're actually using the server on the other server host. That means that the domain is redirecting back to the old server. This has meant TONS and TONS of errors on the site constantly, because apparently the old server was already bad in terms of up time and that only made things worse. But I can't move the server over and do all the technical stuff, so I've been waiting on Malinghi who has been very busy with school. I know you guys are sick of all the errors (I am too, believe me). So this Saturday we're shutting down the site completely. The plan is to shut it down, move the server over, undo the redirect, and launch from the new server.


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    Thanks for the heads up! Thanks for all the hard work, too!

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    IF YOU NEED SOMETHING TO DO SATURDAY I am having a workshop!!! lol plug plug. So you can get your mermaid fix hahaha.

    Seriously though, good luck Iona and Nate!

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    Oh look a day to actually get stuff done XD

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    Raina there will be more of your workshops? I have Sonic carhop training at the same time :P


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