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Thread: Best moulding material available in Australia (preferably)

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    Best moulding material available in Australia (preferably)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking about making my own silicone tail, but first I have to cost everything up. I've been trying to do some research on various moulding materials, but I'd really like some advice from people who have used them, particularly which ones can be found easily in Australia.
    I've seen that Hydrocal is fairly easy to get, but I have heard it is rather brittle and often breaks. Hydrostone is supposed to be better, but I read on one website that it expands while drying, so does that affect the mould significantly?
    Also, if someone could explain the different resins, that would be amazing, I'm finding it hard to get information on the different kinds, and where to source them properly in Australia.
    With fiberglass moulds, do you have to use a moulding-specific fiberglass? I've heard of some people using just the resin from Bunnings, but apparently it has some issues (if someone could explain this, it would be amazing). Also, do any of the resins eat through foam?
    I'm intending to use foam for the scales and oil-clay for the fluke sculpt.

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    Best moulding material available in Australia (preferably)

    I tried and failed miserably but I know Mizuko from South Australia made a beautiful silicon tail. There are some talks among my friends that some of us may try again for next summer but I will have to do ALOT more research on materials and processes and stuff, but hey we can only learn from our mistakes. I made a foam scale sheet, which I covered in Vaseline and then fibre-glassed it, I got a semi good mould from it but I had problems with the foam and clay (clay from the fluke) sticking to the fibreglass. I also got a few air bubbles in the mould
    I also had problems with the silicon curing in the fibreglass mould. So yeah not very good but it was my first try.....
    I would recommend doing as much research on here and ask other mermaids questions and then research materials you can get in your area, even go into the shops and ask them questions about what products they think will be right for your process.

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    Just in case you didn't realise Amelia: Mermaid Kera is Kate!

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    Hi Amelia Yep, it's me I made this account before I decided on my mermaid name
    I have been doing a lot of research, not sure if Jess has told you about our trip to the silicone shop the other day, it was a lot of fun.
    Also, I found a place that sells fiberglass for $4/kg so if I stuff up the first mould, it doesn't matter so much

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    Well that's just silly we could all just be having this conversation in person haha! But yeah I reckon a silicon tail/mould is totally possible maybe just expensive. But I would like another go. Yeah I talked to Jess and I did the same thing, I emailed them a bunch if times but they never replied so I'm glad you guys went there and that they were helpful. I think this needs to happen haha

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    I'm giving silicone tails a crack, at a partial silicone tail will suffice with me the silicon store is a short bike ride from me and i have space in a factory to make it all! tomorrow im taking a trip down to spotlight to grab my neoprene!

    I'm totally stuck on what colour i want my tail to be in the end so im gona grab the white backed neoprene so i can cover it with silicone and colour easily!

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    Wow, sounds amazing Yeah, choosing your colours is super hard!

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