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Thread: New York City Mermaids

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    Hi Dear Harlem Mermaid here im in NYC as well and have weekly mermeetups at coney island in Bklyn would love it if you would join us.

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    lol I know right was same way when i first found out about more mers in our NYC hometown! hope you'll join me too at our meetups come summer

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    I'm not there currently, but I grew up in NYC so I visit pretty frequently since my family is there and such! Maybe next time I show up I'll pack a tail! Lol

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    That would be awesome! Look forward to meeting you

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    Sweetie i have set up my event page for our annual coney island mermaid parade and our official first MerMeetup of the summer hope you will join me and my #nymerpod its going to be so much fun!

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