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Thread: Oldest Known Orca Spotted, 103 years old!

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    Oldest Known Orca Spotted, 103 years old!

    The oldest known orca in the world was spotted near Vancouver Island this past weekend, marking the grand matriarch's annual return to her home waters just in time for Mother's Day.
    The whale, known as "Granny" or J2, is estimated to be up to 103-years-old.
    Learn more about her visit to the island here:

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    That's amazing! I had no idea orcas could live so long!

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    wow, that's cool! I knew female orcas could live for a long time, but that's amazing!
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    Glad to see the old gal is still around.

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    That's mind blowing I didn't know they lived that long

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    Awesome. And also a good reminder why these animals are not ideal for captivity.

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    She doesn't look a day over 20! Lol glad to hear this. I'll have to let my bro know she's still around. Thanks for sharing!
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    What a fascinating insight! No wonder they're so smart. They have lots of time to learn.

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    WOW so cool!
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