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Thread: any mers in the seattle/everette area !?!?

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    Question any mers in the seattle/everette area !?!?

    i would love to get to know a few people closer to my home so we can maybe mermaid together sometime ^-^ i have found several amazing places around snohomish and Everette which would be perfect for mermaiding and photo shoots and i would love to share them with others!!
    all the merlove

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    I live in Seattle and travel between there and Arlington quite frequently, so I'm in the Everett area all the time. :3

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    Tukwila area :|

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    I love across the water from Seattle
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    oh wow awsome guys!!! sad that where not all constantly in one place though else we could together geez its so hard to find other mers to team up with

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    At least we're all within a 50 mile radius of one another

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    true though ! do you all have your tails done and made already or bought?

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    I have a tail. -see icon :B- I swim regularly (at least two-three times a week when the weather is good) at South Lake Union park in downtown Seattle. I'd love to venture out and try out swimming holes. tho

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    yooo I have been dragging my feet about registering here but finally went ahead and did it specifically so I could post here and say that I live in Seattle and would love to meet up with people.

    I don't have a tail and might be moving to SF soonish but oh well here I am.

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    This is a thread that I seemed to miss! I'm in Olympia, I have a tail, and I drive up to Bellevue once a month for orthodontist work.
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    I would love to go to some kind of meetup or whatever at some point. I have a bunch of terrible questions I'd love to bounce off of people in person. Also like literally none of my friends enjoy swimming and it'd be great to make some friends who can keep up with me.

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    Maybe we should start a mermaid convention! :o

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    As fate would have it, I will be moving to Seattle next July! (Finally I won't be out here in the middle of no-where, away from any mers, haha) I was wondering if anyone here knew off-hand of any public swimming pools in the area that allow tails? I know I could call places and ask, but I have major anxiety to the point where I actually might go into a panic attack if I call.

    On a side note, I so wish we could start a mermaid convention! @_@ I love the look of merfest, but I just don't have the money to travel across the country for it.

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    Just joined live a little north of Seattle, but drive between Lynnwood and Redmond almost daily! Want to become a regular swimmer once I get a fin, any cheap reccomendations for premade or cheap but durable fabric? I was thinking of finfun for a starter before I am able to make my own.

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    Just joined the forum and Im close to Bellingham Everett is not that far and neither is Lynnwood for me I have a lot of friends up there because my beauty college was in Everett
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    I joined the forum a while ago, but only just discovered Pods~

    I'm not exactly a full-on mermaid, but I've been meaning to get in touch with local merfolk in Everett or Seattle

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    Greetings and salutations! I'm a southern mer, but life may be bringing me north to live in the Woodinville area in the next year! Are there good places to swim near by? Mer-presence? Dare I ask, a professional mer-market? Trying to get my bearings on my possible new home! Down here I largely swim in lakes, waterfalls, and springs.
    Looking forward to meeting as many people as possible!

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