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Thread: London mermaids????

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    For me neither, I am from Herts (Bishop's Stortford)!

    Alrightie, shall I have a look around where we could go then? I am happy to put it together myself if we have a few people to come along! If we go swimming, I will bring my monofin - at least something haha )

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    There is march of the mermaids down in Brighton next weekend and a meet still in planning

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    Alright, girls and boys - how about 15th (Saturday) or 16th (Sunday) of this coming August? I will create a closed facebook group, and we'll put it together!! This is happening now for real!! Spread the word!

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    Hi mers, I have created an event on FB (London), feel free to join and invite friends. For a swim, we have several opportunities, however I will probably not book a pool. Ideas about going to natural lakes/ponds are great, if you have a favourite, let me know! Keep an eye on the event. SPREAD THE WORD EVERYONE! I need numbers asap to be able to fully organise it
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    Changed the event to private, so if you would like to join, drop me a line, and I'll send a friend request on FB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Neri Elvina View Post
    There is march of the mermaids down in Brighton next weekend
    Awww! I'm going to miss it by one day! We're going to Brighton on Friday and we're triple-booked Saturday so no rearranging things. :C

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    I am in London, receiving my tail soon let's hang out
    Claudia of the Sea.

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    I can't come then, but hopefully this fall or early spring I want to come down to london and meet some merfolk and see fantastic things :-0
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    I'll be in London during the weekend of MCM an will stay at the Aloft (hotel with swimmingpool )

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    MCM is in October right?
    Claudia of the Sea.

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    HIHIHI, I am ordering my tail now hopefully will have it on time, my friend is making me one, what colour shall I take? I am black hair with blue/green eyes i hesitate between a dark purple one or a green one with stripes....
    Claudia of the Sea.

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    Your favorite color(s) Mine is yellow, that's way I made my silicone yellow with gold/copper.

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    Oooh not sure how I missed this thread! I'm based in London too

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    I'm not based in London but I'm only 50 minutes out on the train That's practically next door!

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    Shall we meet for MCM mermaids of London and around?
    Claudia of the Sea.

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    What's MCM and when?

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    MCM is a convention at the Excel in London at the last weekend of October. I'll be there from Thursday afternoon and leave Monday morning. I will be in cosplay (don't know what yet, except for Xena on Saturday) the whole convention.

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    Who else is going MCM??? lets all meet!!

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    Me too! Thought about coming in tail in a blow-up shell
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