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Thread: Mermaid Music

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    I was going to make a thread like this until i found this one! I've got SO many songs in my mermaid vibes playlist!! Im sure some of them are already on here but i cant look thru them all rn,, they arent all about water or mermaids, but they just give off that VIBE, ya know?

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    Swimming Home by Evanescence
    Sirens by Rag n Bone Man
    Safer Shores, Salty Seas, Lost at Sea and Siren Song. All four of these are by Devics

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    OMG, we made a playlist with siren songs for our upcoming board game and we totally should add some gems from this thread!

    (It's a collaborative YouTube playlist, so feel free to add your favorites!)

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    Exotica offers a lot of music that can put one in the mind of being in a movie made in the 50s-60s, in exotic locations, often with a tropical influence. This is one my favorites. (It can be a problematic genre, due to having started in an era full of cluelessness about cultural issues. But there is enough of it that you can take what you like and leave out anything that bothers you. It's up to you. That said

    Les Baxter - Jewels of the Sea 1961

    YouTube has this playlist, but if you have Spotify, you can find this album in full under his name. If you like it, also look for Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, and a exotica called Creepxotica.
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