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Thread: Mermaid Music

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    ARCTIC MERMAID ELECTRONICA MUSIC. she's swedish. just discovered her today through my friend. she has a visual album on youtube. KEEP THE THING ON AND DO NOT CLOSE.. SHE'S AMAZING. OH MY GOD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Dottie View Post
    Thanks! I've revised it a tad since I've sung it to him about a hundred times now.
    I should post my revisions, huh?
    Yes, please do! (If you haven't already, that is! I'm having such a wonderful journey going through so many of the pieces everyone has submitted here, it's taking me a lit-tle while to get through the whole thread, so I apologize if you've done this elsewhere. ) But I'd LOVE to hear the melody you have for those words! They inspired me so much, a little melody came into my head (just a quick something off the cuff), and thankfully I was able to get it down before it all floated away. Hope you like, and thank you for sharing! I can't wait to hear yours! ^_^ ♥♥

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    Had to share one of my favorite local bands: Pandora Celtica! They're a vocal group and have lots of sea-themed songs, including "Sister Selkie" for all you selkies out there! So bummed that they're "semi-retiring" as they put it

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    rad. love this. ill be sure to add if i find some stuff

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    I now associate Beethoven's piece, 'Fur Elise' with mermaids and the ocean after my trip in the Florida Keys. I was by the ocean when all of a sudden I started hearing that song playing. At first I thought that it was somebody's ringtone, but it just kept going. I later found out that it was an ice cream truck. ^ ^;

    Other songs that make me think of mermaids are:

    'We Belong to the Sea' by Aqua

    'Life is Like a Boat' by Rie Fu

    The cover of 'Break my Stride' by Blue Lagoon

    'Red Red Wine' by UB40

    'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion

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    Has anyone seen Lana deal Rey's recent music video "freak"? There's an ending for that song and she swims underwater with the music "Claire de lune" in the back.
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    I really cannot get enough of Daemonia Nymphe lately...

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    Oh yes! This forum I like!! I seriously have been adding to my mermaid playlist like everyday... so rather than posting a song... here's my playlist, if anyone wants a few good hours of (mostly Celtic and folk) sea music! I might have to add some more now though... looking at some of what has been posted here! Ahhh!! Love music!! <3 <3 <3

    Here's the link to my Mermaid Music Playlist (It's through YouTube).
    New YouTube Videos Every Week!!
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    In Darksiders II (both 1 and 2 are so awesome, LOVED them) loved the music in the Tears of the Mountian. Glad it appeared in a few other areas, I think it's rather mermaidy

    And that's a great idea Mallet Island Mermaid! I should make a playlist too- I have one on my computer, but not on YouTube for everyone to enjoy! I'll be looking at yours for sure

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    Put together a playlist real quick Enjoy!

    Wingéd Mermaid Iona

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  11. #191 here is my playlist I have been working on and I am definitely going to go through this thread and add more to it

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    Skip ahead to 5:20
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    For those who have access to Spotify, I made this playlist of instrumental ocean and merfolk music:
    It's 9 1/2 hours long!

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    Replying to subscribe!
    Nerdmaid Faith Out

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    Ooh, after searching for some kind of performance music 2 days straight, old-new thread pops up however I still didn't find my perfect music, what Im lookign for is some atmospheric-noise-ambient combo without vocals

    But if I think about songs I like, still a lot comes my mind that I can connect to mermaiding:
    Massive Attack
    piano soundtracks of movie "Amelie"
    soundtrack of movie "Big Blue"

    Song of Marina from the 1975 "The Little Mermaid" animation, but for me only in hungarian: the lyrics translations are just sg beautiful First I saw the 'red haired mermaid' in the kindergarden and I told my mom I want it, so she bought one video forme, the 'yellow haired'.. At the end of it, she couldn't know how to calm me down coz I was crying insanely and I hated and was sobbing "I want the red haaa-ireeeed" lol, but I matured and now I value it more

    Then another movie: 1976 czech movie 'Mala Morska Víla' ( 'Te Little Mermaid', surprisingly ) ) my absolute, personal favourite, oh maybe I get these to use <3

    Here you can have a glimpse of the soundtracks:
    edit: back then the movie was syncronized to my language, except the songs, and I believed it was in merfolk language XD (czech)

    Apnea related - oh yes its Moby I forgot:

    Some "exotic" for you guys, from hungarian folk singer

    Something stormy: Awolnation - Sail

    ...aand have You ever heard of 52Hz, the loneliest whale on Earth? this is his/her (scientists dont know for sure) unique wavelenght voice (headphones on), to wich no other whale responds aww

    ...and the composer and celloist who answered to the call

    added: and this, listen to this too, especially at aroun 42:50 ahh

    uooh, I like this swedish singer lady in SeaGlass Siren's comment above :O

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    Hey hey.... here are a two of my favorite mermaid songs besides all the other faboulas mer-songs!

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    Subbing to this to chedk out music later ❤ needing some good music for my spotify

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    Mermaid music's? Ocean - led zepplin or I feel free -cream

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    Ocean by Lush

    Come with meInto a cool blue stream
    Bleed into oceans green
    Lips open wide
    Drinking the tide
    Reach for me
    Here where the ocean sea
    Melts and you sink with me
    Deeper inside
    I'll make you mine

    Take me down
    Down where their voices drown
    Down where the only sound
    Echoes for me
    Floating away
    Under the waves
    Kiss me again
    You'll tell me when
    Salt on my lips
    Cool fingertips
    Under the sea

    Stay here with me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. SeaWeed View Post
    The Selkie- Iona Leigh

    Sirens of the Sea- OceanLab

    My husband has a song on his new CD about Mermaids aswell! There isnt a youtube video for it as of yet but a short sample can be heard here: Mermaids-Ashley MacIsaac
    Sirens of the Sea is an amazing song! I love it!
    Mermaid Mikayla


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