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Thread: Mermaid Music

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    I was going to make a thread like this until i found this one! I've got SO many songs in my mermaid vibes playlist!! Im sure some of them are already on here but i cant look thru them all rn,, they arent all about water or mermaids, but they just give off that VIBE, ya know?

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    Swimming Home by Evanescence
    Sirens by Rag n Bone Man
    Safer Shores, Salty Seas, Lost at Sea and Siren Song. All four of these are by Devics

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    OMG, we made a playlist with siren songs for our upcoming board game and we totally should add some gems from this thread!

    (It's a collaborative YouTube playlist, so feel free to add your favorites!)

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    Exotica offers a lot of music that can put one in the mind of being in a movie made in the 50s-60s, in exotic locations, often with a tropical influence. This is one my favorites. (It can be a problematic genre, due to having started in an era full of cluelessness about cultural issues. But there is enough of it that you can take what you like and leave out anything that bothers you. It's up to you. That said

    Les Baxter - Jewels of the Sea 1961

    YouTube has this playlist, but if you have Spotify, you can find this album in full under his name. If you like it, also look for Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, and a exotica called Creepxotica.
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    Hi. I’ve search in my metal songs what was fitting the idea of mermaid music and ends up with this playlist of 30 songs from ten differents metal « subgenre » listed from the most lightly and palatable for mainstream audience to the more heavy and extreme or at least marginal kind of metal, lot of good stuff here that as far as i can tell wasnt posted here yet, so here we go :

    First Category : « Disney » Metal (not a real metal genre but more a way to talk about metal cover from Disney or disney like music)
    1) Poor Unfortunate Soul Metal Cover by Jonathan Young, he manages to go very badass in it somehow :
    2) He s a Pirate Metal Cover Pirate of the Carraibean Theme :
    3) Aquaman AMV on Skillet Legendary music (ok the movie is not Disney but it still have that colorful famille entertainment vibe plus this AMV definitively proves a mer themed action movie with a metal soundtrack cool be epic :

    Second Category : Symphonic Metal (Metal more melodic than usual with soft voices often from women vocalists Nightwish like)
    4) Nightwish The Siren (well of course) : (Turn Loose The Mermaids another song on this topic from the same band is good too)
    5) Visions of Atlantis Return to Lemuria :
    6) Tears of Martyr Mermaids and Loneliness :

    Third Category Metalcore (subgenre of metal mixons heavy metal and punk hardcore inspiration) :

    7) Andy Rive-Sirens : (this band have good aquatic themed albums you can listen here :
    8) Caliban The Ocean’s Heart (feat Alissa White-Gluz à singer well known for her growls in Arch Enemy but hear she proves she can clear sing like a boss also, this song only have a brief mention of Mermaids and is more a ecology song against whale killings but i think it s still fit) :
    9) Parkway Driven (The Siren Song s) its a Song which use a Siren metaphora to tell the story of a prostitute dying from drug addiction, one friend also pretends that it refers to some ancient lore about Mermaids feeling their Death coming calling pirate to end their life with dignity in a ritual between euthanasia and suicide of honor, i never found said lore anywhere so maybe he totally invented it to tease me but his story was so brutal now i cant hear this song without having his tale in mind :

    Fourth Category : Heavy Metal (Good old Heavy metal do not have mermaid song really but still some very cool Classic of the genre are sea themed) :
    10) Children of The Sea Black Sabbath
    11) Iron Maiden Rime Of The Ancient Mariner :
    12) Évier Metal Ultra Vomit (a very dumb Heavy metal parody song loaded with watery word-pun probably the most far off of the mermaid them of this playlist but i just couldnt resist) :

    Fifth Category : Pirate Metal (Its a subgenre of folk métal, metal inspired by ancient pirate songs the whole genre is sea themed and loaded with thousands of cool metal song about sea pirates but here i will only post the very few pirate metal songs that i know that are near to the mermaid theme or at the very least themed around sea ladies) :
    13) Red Flag Crew Mermaids :
    14) Toter Fisch Mami Wata :
    15) Grainne Mhaol, Queen Of Pirates Miracle Of Sound (Irish Pirate Metal), a song in honor of a woman who maybe was not a mermaid but most certainly was queen of the sea i guess it s can fit :

    Sixth Category Progressive Metal (Metal with prog rock influence so slow rythm, high technicallity and songs that are very instrumental) :

    16) Liquid Eternity Ayreon (tell a scifi story about a aquatic alien specie which has reach immortality with technologue but became dependent on machines and start to have their emotions and vital energy decreased by that the song is about them longing back for their mortality :

    The whole album 01011001 is about the story of this specie, over all it s a good one and Ayreon is a really solid impressive prog metal band.

    17) We are Seagull-Men Legend of Seagull-Men (another sci fi songs, well here sci fi themed band, this Time about radioactive mutant seagull-men, well it s a bit far off but the oldest mermaid mythes where about half human half seabirds so that s still fit if i go with a very large acceptation of what is mermaid themed song well and band) :

    18) Haken Aquarium (their whole Aquarius album which this song comestible from is mermaid themed) :

    Seventh Category : Power Metal (Metal songs with fait rythm, powerful voices, melodic tone, high inspiration from heroic Fantasy very often well over all coule as well have been called epic metal that s the idea, sure logs of it is about fire and dragons do trying to find watery mermaid themed power metal is like trying to find the reverse of what mist people sek and expect with this subgenre but i still manage to found some cool power metal mermaid songs) :

    19) Sorcerer : Sirens :

    20) Vision Divine, Mermaids for their Moons :

    21) King Wraith Poseidon :

    Eight Category : Doom Metal (Metal with slow rythm, grave often solemn tone, heavy sounds, often deep voices and lyrics that more often than not give a feel of despair and being well doomed that where the name combes from i guess, i have found some ocean themed Doom Metal that can go well with mermaid idea) :

    22) Ahab (ocean themed band inspired by the story of the litterary character of same name), The Divinity Of The Oceans :
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    End of my mermaid metal playlist

    The first post seem to start being too long so i post the end of the list here :

    23) Giant Squid (another sea themed doom metal band), Versus The Sirens : wjuu7Gf-pLqAhWtxYUKHVtCBbYQyCkwAHoECBEQBw&url=https%3A%2F%

    24) Sea Witch (yes another, and a last doom metal band sea themed), The Stormrider :

    Ninth Category : Death Metal (very distorted sound, lot of growled songs, very heavy, very violent and yes i found mermaid compatible songs of this kind, proof if ever needed that if something exist it s some where on Internet) :

    25) Sulphur Aeon, Swallowed by the Ocean s Tide (about the Rise of Cthulhu but can be uses for and scary beast from under the sea so for horrific monster mermaid why not?) :

    26) Dagoba, Poseidon (more about a boat name this way than the marine god but still very good sea themed Death metal song) :

    27) Atlantis Chronicles (as their name give a hint to they are a sea themed Death metal band, a pretty solid one with that), Ten Miles Underwater :

    Tenth and last Category : Black Metal (agressive sounds, dark atmosphere, theme often dark and sometimes gore, brutal in the voice and tone well most often at least, still I have found some good black metal songs that are mermaid themed)

    28) Astarte, Sirens (this is a all female fronted greek black metal band so good they scares me, off course they must had a mermaid song) :

    29) Lek, Mermaids (it s a song about some women metaphorically compared to mermaids because they are extremely beautiful on the outside but are void of all that we call humanity in that they have no feelings and are rotten inside took the mermaid as a feminine monster road approach and make a good music with that even tough I understand next to nothing of lyrics I must admit) :

    30) Deep-Pression, Sirens, it s the first track of their excellent sea themed album Endless Sea you can hear there :, the song Sirens play on the two meanings of this word both being about mermaids and about sirens of hospital ambulance that kind of siren 🚨, it is a DSBM (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, a sub family of black metal with depression and suicide
    as the main themes therefore slower, less aggressive, more melancholic, despaired and atmospheric than most black metal songs often with a lot of yellings expressing inner suffering) song so when I hear the beginning of the album it makes me think of someone who would have tried kill himself and hear the hospital sirens of the medics caming for him and starts to hallucinate about Mermaids drowning him in the abyss. I know DSBM is controversial but I think they are lot of talented musicians in it and Deep-Pression are some of the best.

    Bonus : They are not pure black metal but an inclassable band with lot of influences of mainly both black metal and alternative soft rock like My Bloody Valentine and definitively more sound like the latter but Alcest is a very good band and they have a mermaid themed album Écailles de Lune is very good for anyone who like mermaids and dreamy atmospheric UFO kind of album just as solar as they are melancholic and defying description just as must as they defy musical genre classification, I highly recommend this if you have a taste for that kind of stuff :

    Well the end and hope you had a good Music Day!
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    Thanks so much for this list!! It may not be much, but I've always liked Go Into The Water by Deathklok. Metalocalypse was a funny show and the songs we're excellent to me. Especially this song! Thanks again for the list! I have some non metal songs, like Sirens Of The Sea from Oceanlab!

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    Hi. I m so happy that you liked it! Yeah they are none metal mermaid songs and artists i like too but most like Enya for an example are already posted by others members before in this thread so i felt like my additions would be more useful in my speciality area still they are some Mermaidy Song i know that may please you that aren’t métal and were not posted by someone else earlier before, for an exemple Hatsune Miku Deep Sea Girl :

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    So glad I found this thread!

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    Hope no-one has posted this before but this album totally gives me the vibes!

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    Even the original version of this song gives me siren vibes but this cover is just a whole new level of siren.

    This womens voice is so hauntingly beatiful and i really feel like this is what a siren would sound like in real life.

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    So many good songs on here! I love instrumentals, sea shanties, and Celtic music! I saw Claire de lune was mentioned, and I absolutely love it. A few of my other favorites on my mermaid playlist include:

    River Flows In You by Yiruma
    Wellerman by Nathan Evans
    Teir Abhaile Riu by Celtic Woman
    The Goonies 'r' Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper
    Waves by Mr. Probz & Robin Schulz
    Hawaiian Roller Coster Ride and He Mele No Lilo from the Lilo & Stitch Soundtrack
    Once Upon a Time in Africa from by Hans Zimmer
    Swim by Alec Benjamin
    Also... Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson kinda gives me mermaid vibes. I think it's because of the ahahahah's...
    I also have some Studio Ghibli music and lots from the Legend of Zelda (specifically the Windwaker). It's very calming and liberating.

    I also have a Siren Songs playlist that include songs from Pirates of the Caribbean like My Jolly Sailor Bold, He's a Pirate, Davy Jones, Hoist the Colors, Mermaids, Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho, and On Stranger Tides.
    I also have Deep Down by Lexie Liu included (most of it is in Chinese, but it is absolutely gorgeous).
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    Hi for celtic music i have a few french ones from Bretagne which are about mermaids :

    Nolwen Leroy, Sixième continent (ecological song against plastic in the oceans) :
    Two songs not about mermaids but famous celtic songs about the sea in the breton language : (this one is very old and traditional)
    Two other sea themed celtic songs from Bretagne in french : (about the sea reuniting celtic people beyond frontiers)

    And of course some from Cecile Corbel : (Undins Waltz)

    I think they're enjoyable to anyone who likes sea themed celtic songs even not understanding lyrics.

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