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Thread: **VIDEO** Unboxing my Mernation tail!!!

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    **VIDEO** Unboxing my Mernation tail!!!

    OK here is my Mernation unboxing video! I have a brief history and the story of my tail and the making and why being a mermaid is something that means a lot to me!!!! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning unboxing it!! I am in love and just keep looking at it!! I cant wait to swim in this beautiful creation!!!

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    Wow! It's beautiful Chrissy xx
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    Can't wait to see this tail in person!
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    great video! i really love how you explained everything ^_^
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    no problem I really tried to be detailed!!! So hard when you are so excited!!!

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    well after a week of owning this beautiful creation I have gotten very comfortable getting in/out of it. Swimming is getting much easier and with the tail drying rack mail care is getting better and better!!! I get so many compliments on this tail I am so excited to keep showing it off! The little girls birthday party that I did the kids really believed that I was a mermaid from the Caribbean and I swam all the way here just for them!! Mernation did such a great job on the realist feel and look of the tail/top/bracers the kids were so convinced that the scales were really on me! It was so much fun!! Once again Mernation you are wonderful!!!

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    That is a gorgeous tail! I love the colors.

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    Thank you so much Chrissy! You truly bring the tail to life!!! So glad to hear that your first event went Swimmingly!!! We know you will have many more in your future!!! Best of luck and keep in touch!


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