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Thread: New Jersey Merfolk

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    New Jersey Merfolk

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of any mermaid groups or organizations or anything in the NJ area where people can get together and "be" mermaids. I have always loved mermaids my whole life, I own several mermaid tails, I'm an actress and a mother of 2 and would love to be able to put my tails and passion for mermaids to use. I don't know if there are any mermaid meetup or cosplay groups out there where merfolk can get together once in a while and swim and "become" mermaids at events, get-togethers or festivals. I live in South Jersey where we've got the Jersey shore and plenty of lakes, rivers, etc. If anyone knows of anything like this, let me know! Thank you!

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    I know this is a super old post, but I'm in eastern PA and I will have my tail by May. I would love to get together with other mers

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    Super dated replying to this post as well, but I would love a NJ meet-up! I'm in South Jersey, and NY meet-ups are quite far!


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