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Thread: I don't have 20/20 vision

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    I don't have 20/20 vision

    Im new to the mermaid network and im training with a monofin atm but my main concern is when it comes to performing. I am shortsighted and my vision is bad. Is there anything that visual impaired mermaids use when performing. I dont want to be performing and then swim into a child or a wall or something because I cant see, and thats just above water! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Quite frankly, I can't see much when I'm underwater either. If you're willing to spend a lot, I know there used to be a glasses company that could make, yes, PRESCRIPTION SWIMMING GOGGLES. Genius. I don't know if there's anything like that now, but it's always worth a check. You can also get contacts, be VERY careful, and where regular goggles. I know goggles aren't the most mermaid-friendly things on earth, but there are a lot of ways you can decorate them to look more sea-like. Hope this helps.
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    Contacts and goggles is the best I've found.

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    This is a great question, as I am severely nearsighted too. I would suggest getting and wearing contacts, but it is strongly advised you should not wear them in a pool due to increased infection. If only there was an acceptable mermaid glasses / goggles to solve this problem!

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    I am almost done making some really cute seaweed goggles (the pic should be up tonight). I suggest getting Daily Disposable contacts. That way you can open your eyes in the pool, throw then out IMMEDIATELY after swimming, wash out your eyes, and out on glasses or put in a fresh pair. It's not 109% safe, but its what I do. Prescription goggles are definitely available but are pretty expensive.
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    Prescription goggles don't have to be horrifically expensive. I wear these, and I ordered them on Amazon:

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    The goggles were about $25, and I got prescription lenses from Amazon for them. Each lens was about $14. There's a video on YouTube that shows how to remove the standard lenses and pop the prescription lenses in. These goggles are the same model that I decorated and posted on Seavanna's Octogoggles thread.

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    Prescription goggles are great, they don't have to be exact, just close enough unless you want to spend a LOT of money. I got a pair for my bf from the swim shop and they worked great, he was always complaining that he couldn't see and I was just a blur.

    Can also tell the kids that you are from sea water and chlorine hurts your eyes hence the goggles ^_^
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