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Thread: How do u feel about Cannabis...?

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    Honestly i'm allergic to weed so not too much into it, now as long as they can respect that i let people who do likes it do whatever they want with it.

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    Personally cannabis helped me with my psychological problems, I'm grateful to my doctor for that, if you're from Salinas California I recommend a very cool dispensary that has a really cool range and cool salespeople, they know everything and will help you make the right cannabis choice.

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    Well, I don't consider cannabis as something bad because it has many health benefits, and since it's legal in my place, many people have started growing weed. I'm not an exception since sativa seeds are pretty accessible on the internet, and they're not expensive at all. So I don't have any negative thoughts on cannabis at all.

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    I didn't even know that an allergy to cannabis was a thing. I used to smoke it pretty often, but then the store where I was buying weed got canceled, so it became a problem.

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    I'd say that cannabis stores are getting canceled pretty often, and that's why it's a challenge to find a store with high-quality products. Well, I've been ordering marijuana from Weed Delivery for a while, and if you're from Canada, you can check it out. Cannabis there is actually good, and there's a variety of different strains, so I'm sure you won't have problems choosing something suitable there.

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    With drugs, there is little difference from alcohol, really. Some alcoholics gather in groups and others drink alone. I suggest you read about social drinking vs drinking problem - what's the difference. This is an important point to really pay attention to if you or someone you know has similar symptoms.

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    Cannabis is without a doubt a useful weed. What do you think about using cbd gummies?

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    You're right, weed gummies are a very good mental health product. If you are interested in this, then you need to go here https://bestcanadianonlinedispensari...d-gummies-faq/ and get detailed information about weed gummies. Through the use of weed gummies you will be able to solve problems such as stress. anxiety, insomnia, pain and even cure various nervous disorders.

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