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Thread: Child's Silicone Tail (Mermaids R Us)

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    Child's Silicone Tail (Mermaids R Us)

    I saw this last night on ebay. It looks very pretty from a glance and far away but one I clicked on the close ups, its kinda ugly!

    I've seen afew of their tails on ebay... What's with that ugly scraped over flukes?

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    looks like a tail from the maker mermaids4us ive seen the same design of fluke on another tail

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    It's a mermaids r us tail. Looks like they tried to replicate ravens angler fluke
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    Hey for the current bidding price it wouldn't be bad to just revamp it like fifi does with them. Maybe she'd be interested in this

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    Minus maybe a repaint it does look kinda cool , not much in favor of these makers tails cause the flukes have a bit of a flaky appearance but still a nice concept

    ~mermaid cecelia~

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    Their tails are awful I've seen in person. Probably the lowest grade tails that are marketed as higher end that you can get. Plus I remember a few people on here had issues with them.

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    Like I try not to want to make bad comments on the painting and the seams of some of the tails but....

    ~mermaid cecelia~

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    OMG Raina thank you for saying it, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks their tails are awful.

    I have never liked the look of their tails... The shapes are amateur and the detailing is a hot mess. Ever since I first saw them, all I could think was just how scratchy they look. It's like they just scraped a freaking rake over sloppy globs of silicone, left it all tattered and shredded and called it a day. The seams are a mess, they don't look like they're fitted properly to anyone I've seen wearing them, they don't look comfortable and what's the freaking point of adding a skintone waistline to the tail if you're not even going to bother trying to match the model's/customer's actual skintone? Not everyone has the same skin color!

    Name:  Mermaidtails4sale watrudoing pt 2 aquatic boogaloo.png
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    And just... The scale sheet. The freaking scale sheet. If you pull a cast out of your mold and the scales look like this:

    Name:  Mermaidtails4sale watrudoing.png
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    You either fix it or scrap the mold entirely. Even if I'm just paying $500 I would expect a cleaner cast on my tail, if only because this stuff looks like a pain to properly clean and I can only imagine the fuzz that would grow in some of those nooks after a while...

    And this orca tail is so gunked up with silicone and paint that it actually looks furry. That's... That's not something you wanna post to promote your business.

    Name:  Mermaidtails4sale watrudoing pt 3 when fuzzy orca tails attack.png
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    Also, I'm not so sure how I feel about the loose glitter literally dumped on the edges of that green tail and the bra... I wouldn't want that stuff coming loose in a pool and winding up with myself or someone else getting pieces of glitter in their eyes underwater. :/ It really doesn't seem safe to me, unless they've got some sort of protective coating/sealant over it to keep it all in place (then again I don't know a whole lot about this stuff so maybe it's safe, IDK).

    AND LASTLY, because I don't know how to stop typing, the goddamn Instagram hashtags. I pretty much hate the whole obsession with hashtags but for Triton's sake if you're gonna try to use hashtags to sort out / make your stuff easier to find, at least make sure it's spelled right otherwise it defeats literally the entire point of the tag function. Nobody's going to find her if they search for #merfolk because she keeps spelling it #merfok. And #famousmermaids won't pull up half her stuff because she spells it #famousmeaids. More than once she's even managed to misspell her own Instagram account's name (mermaidstails4sale instead of mermaidtails4sale.)

    I'm also baffled as to why she's tagging so many of these with #Mertailor????

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    Dude that fuzzy orca tail and bra...I was staring at the pic you posted, trying to figure out what it WAS. I thought it was a toy panda bear or something before I read the text!

    Dat scale sheet, bro...I'm wrapping up my first ever latex tail, NEVER made a tail before and even mine looks better than this. And I hand-sculpted the scales out of clay, didn't even do the easier and more uniform "bits of foam" technique. If my first attempt is better than your professional stuff, you need to maybe screen your molds a bit better. I would not charge a customer that much for this product.

    It's easy to understand why she tags Mertailor...if someone googles Mertailor looking to buy a tail, she can redirect some of those hits to her stuff. Kind of a jerk thing to do...I don't tag with my competitor's names...but definitely not unheard of.

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    The only reason I even knew what it was was because I went browsing through her Instagram and saw pictures of it that were taken from further away. When I scrolled to the pic I linked above I seriously had to stop and stare because it looks like it's made from the same sort of scratchy, frizzy yarn one of my winter sweaters is made from.

    And then I realized it was silicone and I was like... How does something like that manage to go so horribly, catastrophically wrong? And how does somebody look at that and go "Yep! That's my finest quality, I'm gonna charge five hundred dollars for it"????

    The mind, it boggles.

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    From what I understand, the owner doesn't actually cast her scales but use the method usually used with making an ALEX plus tail. And the silicone isn't dragon skin I think but actually caulking.
    But even with making the tails out of caulking, she could have done so much better, the scales could have been cleaner and her flukes are just a mess. Personally, I never liked their tails either, mostly because they don't look like much effort is being put into them at all. I could dish out that money and make it myself instead of getting that horribly made tail that looks like a bunch of silicone was just dumped down and someone didn't even bother to make it resemble a tail.

    Mermaids R Us has also recently posted something on their facebook about how someone has stole their idea for a mermaid camp or mermaid school or something like that.

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    I've bought a couple of these tails and they are very poor quality! I had to use a scrubbing brush to try to remove the ridiculous amount of glitter and it still has glitter coming off it!!
    The silicone isn't evenly distributed, thick, thin, bare in some spots and the fluke is beyond disturbing!
    I had blisters on my hands from trying to cut through the fluke, it's soooo thick!
    But with some tender love and care they can look half decent
    I would pay no more than $200 for these tails in future because they are a lot of work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by draggersprez View Post
    Mermaids R Us has also recently posted something on their facebook about how someone has stole their idea for a mermaid camp or mermaid school or something like that.
    Let me guess... Eric again?
    This won't be the last time. I guess the guy has still way too time to kill while "working" for his customers. What's next? A scrochtopus line for men??

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    I stared at that Orca tail for the last ten minutes to finally pick it apart from the black fabric that it's on? I didn't know there's was a bra with it until just now lol.

    Has anyone read the EBay description and post? I don't wanna be a b*tch but I feel the need to contact the business owner and tell her she needs a repeat of elementary school grammar and spelling classes.
    I read it all. I am irritated at the lack of professionalism from a "professional" company.

    I honestly wouldn't pay 25¢ for those tails. Even beginner tail makers I've seen, fabric and stretchy material alike, are far superior to these tails.

    I would rather experience extreme fabric drag than the tails standard issues from owning one of her tails.
    And Fifi, you're amazing for putting up with that. I know you rehome them, but if a tail came to me, partially used to new, in that condition, I would send it right back and channel my drill sergeants towards the maker.
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    here is a better picture of the "orca" tail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tieri View Post
    I'm also baffled as to why she's tagging so many of these with #Mertailor????
    I'm guessing for the same reason that MermaidsRUs made an Instagram account that was named "Mertailor" (but still posting MermaidsRUs pics and directing to the MermaidsRUs website) and Eric had to contact Instagram's legal department and show his trademark to get it removed. I remember seeing the account when I first got on Instagram and thought that was pretty low. They've done some sketchy stuff.

    And yes they still use caulking on their tails and market it as "silicone". Technically it's silicone caulking, but it's very deceitful. Even though Eric uses tin cure for his low end tails, at least it's actual tin cure silicone from smooth on now and doesn't have as much hazardous properties as caulking does. And I agree 100% about the glitter- Craft glitter in the eye can seriously blind someone for life. Either way, sketchy. I know there's bad blood between a lot of people in the community, but so far Mermaids R Us has not been tactful and professional in how they deal with things, especially when it comes to them dealing with Mertailor as their competition.

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    Eric actually had the camp thing planned for a while I know cuz a former weeki Mer is helping and I met her at ncmerfest.

    I have caught the mermaids r us people lying so many times.

    The tails are crap period. The business is shoddy.

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    It looks like paper mache lol

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    Mermaids R Us - examples of how NOT to make tails!


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