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Thread: Home made almost invisible nose plug experiment.

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    These are awesome Jessica! Great idea.
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    Woah please keep us updated if the modifications work ^.^ Seriously need something like this my poor nose is always so sore after a romp in the pool with the kids.
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    I've never heard of allergy filters before, what a great idea! I get horribly uncomfortable when I get water up my nose, and previously I tried using moldable silicone earplugs, which worked pretty well but took a fair amount of work each time to mold into my nostrils. First time I met up with Iona to go swimming I gave her an extra and offered to let her try it, which led to a Totally Not Awkward session of us sitting by the pool stuffing goop up our noses while my husband gave us the hairy eyeball, baahahaha.

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    I'm down!! Love this!

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    very cool idea. If this works I might have to try and duplicate a good idea.

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    Me trying this and failing miserably tho i did not use the heated plastic i tried to just struggle with super clue 🙈 i'm not made for arts and crafts

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