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Thread: #icebucketchallenge

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    I wussed out and took a cold shower instead. though i dont think you guys want to see that.....
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    Although I totally understand that it could be controversial in a drought-hit area, (in which case perhaps the Sand Bucket Challenge...? I really do think that the Ice Bucket Challenge is a great way of raising both money and awareness for ALS (in the UK we call it MND, Motor Neurone Disease, but it's the same thing). I've learned more than I ever knew about MND as a result of the challenge, and I've seen so many people getting involved and talking about it that I think it's really positive. Yes, it's a fad that will fade away, but a fad which generated millions of dollars to go towards helping people with an awful, awful disease, and to funding important research towards treatment options. That's enough to get me to join in

    And I totally want to see more mermaid challenge videos, so I think people should post them here!
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    I got nominated twice by two mer friends but I failed to do it in the next 24h so I donated 60$ for the ASL Association

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    I'm glad to see mers in the spirit of charity! So how about this, we all nominate charities from our local areas and for one month we try our own challenge!
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    ALS awareness is a topic very close to me-it runs in my dad's family. We've lost 5 people in his family already, and his sister is currently in the last stages (lost his brother about 10 years ago). As of right now, there really is no treatment other than trying to make the person comfortable. So far, at least in his family, it has always skipped a generation. Meaning I'm probably safe, but I really hope a cure is found before my kids get old enough to get it.
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    I am sorry but I don't like the ice bucket challenge at all...
    Most of the people (Teenagers...) take it because they want to get attention. They don't even say something about the donate what the challenge was about!

    Also, most of the donation money doesn't go to the people, it goes to the scientists and the entity.

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