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Thread: Eden's Experience

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    Just to clear a few things up
    i don't have a lawyer and I don't want money and I am not bullying I wouldn't ruin what I cherish . My tail is ruined I only wanted what I was guaranteed. I wouldn't of used Mernation if I would of known my tail would of been such a problem. End of story. I don't think Mernation should ever talk about my personal life ever on the network. That's unprofessional and wrong! I am simply stating how I felt on the network and see what happened.. Just what I was very afraid of and for good reason. I once again now look like a idiot ...

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    I would like to add that I did write an email
    in anger at one point after being told to upgrade my tail
    that said I was seeking legal action however I decided not to because I just got sadder doing so I wanted Mernation to just own up and do the right thing . I am not confrontational and that's why I never came forward.

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    Thanks for making your points Eden, I think out of respect for Dottie we're going to move all the posts to another thread just about your issue. Once the mods get a chance you'll see a new thread and you can keep us updated there

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    One or two bad experiences does not a bad company make.

    Mistakes were made. Changes were made. I don't have a MerNation tail but I am wanting one. I looked at the other makers and while they make lovely tails I like the design of the MerNation caudal fins better.
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    Dottie I want to pay my respects to you! Your tail is gorgeous and your tops too cool! I bet you Love it.. Is it hot?? It looks like it would be. I love the concept though so fun !!!

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    Not a free fix a $500 fix that heald up a couple weeks .. Sorry just saw this.. They never made this situation right either


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