View Poll Results: Who made Your Tails? (You can select more than one!)

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  • I did

    67 45.89%
  • Merberry

    3 2.05%
  • I don't own a tail yet

    19 13.01%
  • Finfolk

    11 7.53%
  • Mertailor

    14 9.59%
  • Merbellas

    17 11.64%
  • Mermaid Creations

    5 3.42%
  • Sirenalia

    1 0.68%
  • Mernation

    6 4.11%
  • Mike Van Daal (Flip Tails)

    0 0%
  • Mermaid Rentals

    1 0.68%
  • Fishbutts

    9 6.16%
  • Finfun

    14 9.59%
  • (German tailmaker)

    12 8.22%
  • Mermaid Kat

    1 0.68%
  • Aquatails

    0 0%
  • Mermaids R Us

    1 0.68%
  • 3 Fins

    0 0%
  • Another Mer in the community (Bonnie, Morticia, Mermaid Shelly, etc)

    16 10.96%
  • Other (because it only gave me 20 spaces and I ran out of room, please don't be offended!)

    15 10.27%
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Thread: Who made Your Tail?

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    I have 4 tails. 3 were made myself an one I got from Mermaid Morticia. The tails I made 1 is spandex an the other 2 are neoprene, but 1 is 2mm smoothskin neoprene the other is not. The one I have from Mermaid Morticia is spandex.
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    Harmony, haha yup that's your fish butts tail! I haven't taken and pictures or even swam in my tail yet it's kinda cold here. 😊 during the summer I'm definitely going to take some pictures!

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    I have a homemade and a mertailor tail that should be here tomorrow ^-^

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    If people didnt realize you can select more than one in the poll

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    My Mermaid Morticia tail should be done soon *squee!*
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    In surprised there are so many homemade tails here thats awesome. I swear I always figured more people here got there's from Mertailor and such
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    Yes. Making my own tails is way more affordable than buying one and then you have to factor in the shipping costs, when you could've just bought more fabric with shipping money!

    Well that's how I look at it.
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    Self-made tail here! And I'm working on a second one, too. I definitely agree with the affordability aspect. Supplies are less expensive and coupons to major craft retailers are available, plus you can get extra discounts shopping online. If you're not sure how to sew a certain stitch or add a zipper, youtube tutorials for tail-making and sewing in general are plentiful!


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