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Thread: Share an add-on that allows to send SMS from Gmail

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    Share an add-on that allows to send SMS from Gmail

    Hi, friends. I started a business and I want to find an add-on that allows to send SMS from Gmail. My ex-boyfriend used it to manage his business, but I forgot to ask him how to do it. Share something.

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    Ohh, frankly speaking, I have no experience in it, I don't use Gmail for business. I can suggest you look for some adds-on in the Internet. I hope you will find something. I wish you good luck!

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    I understand you. When I started to open my business, I searched different add-ons and Email to Text was really beneficial. I downloaded it here , so if you need to convert your email into a text message and deliver it, this add-on will maybe help you. Moreover, it allows to send texts to multiple recipients straight from your email account. It helps to send SMS from Gmail that improves my business processes.

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