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Thread: Strangest thing or things you have ever eaten

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    Ignore the two bots right before me and don't click on any links.

    Still, this thread is fascinating. There are a lot of things I want to try, as I'm pretty open-minded and brave. I DON'T want to try balut, fried tarantulas, scorpions, and bugs/insects that aren't in larvae form, but I'd definitely be interested in trying sea urchin, cow's tongue, rattlesnake, cat poop coffee, EntoMilk ice cream, etc. Again, I REALLY WANT TO TRY ENTOMILK ICE CREAM.

    As an American who has never traveled outside of my country apart from some Caribbean islands, the most unusual foods (imo) I've tried were ajitama, fried calamari, octopus legs, and kombucha. They're all delicious, especially the kombucha drink, which I have pretty often. However, as a kid I once tried eating a dog biscuit, which smelled stinky, the texture was hard to crunch, and it tasted so awful--like chalk--that I immediately spat it out.
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    Interesting topic.

    Yeah I've tried cats food young because best friend thinks it was delicious...i didnt think so hated it i agree it's an awful taste i spat it out also.

    For insects i do loved each i tried, few admittingly like fried crickets, and liked it, snails off course but since i'm french that isnt in weird category to me i heard that people in the us find it strange that we love it, cheese with moisture in it (my fave "bleu d'auvergne, roquefort, fourme d'ambert fuck i'm hungry now) and frogs but i dont know maybe american dont think it's weird and it's just a urban legend and they eat it too you tell me, and fly maggots in a very special occasion, loved it all my overall impression is that insect are lovely to eat. Now for the whole eating fly maggots story :

    The strangest thing i ever eaten comes from Corsica my home region, it's our most famous weird culinary speciality the Casgiu Marzu it's a cheese made with maggots in it. The name means rotten cheese because we let it freely mature in the outisde somewhere they are a lot of flies purposefuly in order to let them get their larvae in the cheese holes (it's a tome with holes) then we let the maggots grow till their almost adult flies and if you eat the larvae alive within the cheese as i did in fact (was the only one of the family to dare because well the cheese as it mature a lot and is eaten quite old just has a strong enough scent that my aunt has a garden and a big house and closed the fridge but it was still stinking outside the house in the beginning of the garden and my uncle was uneased quite a lot by the "perfume" of old rotten cheese...but it's freaking delicious thought scared for health consequences he forbid me to eat more of it so i cannot have a lot of it in fact the sanitary authorities tends to say it's dangerous but locals says it's not when as i did you eat the larvae alive in the cheese and as i did it with zero issue my opinion tends to be that locals are right...would recommand to anyone who dares to try i understand the disgust and survival instict could make people say "well no thanks" but it's so delicious if you really like strong cheese that you would miss something not to ever taste it in my opinion.

    What else...tried durian tasted chewing gum the fruit but disliked scent and taste. Even thought it's only weird to a western taste i guess since lot of asians love it and hate our strong cheese i guess it's very cultural a thing what food is "weird" to us or not. With what weird food i tasted could i end? Well seaweed toasts, maté, roses (and other cooked flowers) and stuff like that are not that weird to me their just regular ecologists kind of crowd food i eat as often as money authorize me and i found delicious...but not "weird" enough to be the final boasting of all the "weird" stuff i will be humm...oh yes that time a hostory reconstructionist group made us taste roman plates they found the recipes and cooked as close as possible to the antiquity version...time travel meal ....roman hydromel, wine with honey and their food were indeed very tasty i would recommend it to anyone if it was easier to find. Probably my funniest weird food experience.


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