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Thread: Introduce Yourself!

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    Introduce Yourself!

    All new members introduce yourself in this forum section! Please post a new topic in this forum section for your introduction. If you are a member moving over from MerYuku, instead of a reintroduction you may post in the Old Fourm Members Check In thread.

    Tell us about yourself! Don't know what to say? Here's something to get you started: What is your mer name (if you have one), how long have you liked mermaids/mermen, what started your interest, what you like most about them, any particular thing about them or tails that spark your interest, if you own any tails, ect.

    New members do not be afraid to contact the Admins or Mods for any questions or concerns you have regarding the form or getting started.
    After you've made your introduction here, don't forget to update your profile!

    New users also read and make note of the Site Rules and Disclaimers.

    Thank you and welcome to MerNetwork!

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