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sil -poxy isnt a health hazard, nor is the hardware store equivalent. It's just as dangerous as dragon skin silicone uncured, and just as safe as dragon skin when it's cured. their MSDS is almost the same.

People don't seem to have a clue or willing to talk about how toxic the tail making process is for people or the environment. But the end result when using these specific products when cured, is still a safe product.

I'm not defending his use, just pointing out it's not as sneaky as some people here are trying to make it come across. Some of us cant get the silicone our tails was made out of. Either because it wont ship like in my case, or they can't get small enough quantities. Some don't have the space to mix it and use it safely. Some people also don't want the hassle of trying to mix it etc. When smoothon tells me I can use something, I trust and I have had no issue with tail repairs using mine and my tail is 3 years old. It doesn't really matter if it's the same as the hardware store, there's so many types at the hardware store I've seen mers totally fuc* up a tail by going out and getting hardware stuff. I mean, if you think you can manage it, there's no issue. Go for it. We use it here too. But I don't think it's fair to put people down for using what smoothon recommends for their products and taking the guess work out.
I totally agree that sil poxy and the hardware store equivalent are 100% safe when cured! Only nasty and toxic to work with. No one should be worried if these products are in their tail!