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Thread: Overfishing. What have you got on it?

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    Overfishing. What have you got on it?

    Talking with a friend here. Here argument is that vegetarianism for the sake of conservation is bogus in regards to seafood because there is no way the fish can be damaged from eating them. I'm like what about overfishing and what it does to the marine life population? Not only the ocean vast and plentiful she says, but that since the world is 80% water it's not possible for us humans to destroy ocean. She's against fish farming and land industrial farming but she doesn't see the point about giving a shit about sea.

    I don't know enough to share with her about what's going on. What do you know?

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    Biomagnification has turned fish into living toxic dumps. You could also educate her about the tragedy of the commons. I can write up more in the morning when I'm not half asleep
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    14,603 a whole website dedicated to sustainable fishing. They gave me a free classroom unit I am trying out

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    You guys should watch "The End of the Line" together. I liked it a lot. It's about corporate fishing and the widespread overfishing of the world’s oceans. The film draws special attention to corporate methods of fishing and the unsustainability of these methods. <- The trailer is on the front page.

    Full movie:
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    ^That's some scary stuff. I'm watching the movie in parts when I get the chance.

    Have you heard about the flying carp in America? They are taking over rivers, esp. in the midwest. When a boat stirs up the water, they jump out, and sometimes they injure the people in the boat.
    They came from asia, but people in America released them into the water "for good luck." Now they're eating up everything in sight.


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