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Thread: Merbellas silicone-neoprene tails

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    Question Merbellas silicone-neoprene tails

    So, I'm interested to buy in future a Merbella Studios silicone-neoprene (I think it's called "hybrid") tail. I'd like to know: how much did you pay (shipping not included)? What about the waiting time?
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    Now Merbella takes only performance tails orders.

    Raven didn't say when they'll start taking hybrid trails order again...

    Actually I think she offered this k kind of product only for people who had a basic tail that were having troubles.

    Waiting time? Just think that in the Merbella thread there are some people hitting 400+ days for a performance tail already payed...

    Anyway just wait for someone who already has a tail from them so they can give you better informations and try to read Merbella's FAQ first, you can find there your answer faster and you can be sure that you're reading the correct informations
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    Merbellas isn't offering partial silicone tails at the moment, basically it's the work of 2 tails for less. It was too time consuming for the amount she was charging so she is just focusing on full silicone tails for now with no real date stated when she'll start making them again (if ever).

    That being said, in answer to the actual question: Partial silicone tails were priced at $1500 before they were discontinued and had only one fluke option with no option for extra fins and waiting time for partials was actually LONGER than full silicone, because of how difficult it was.

    A 'hybrid' is a different thing again, with a full silicone body but a neoprene/silicone fluke with only the basic design being offered (so no merbellas, angler etc fluke) with extra fins being an option if desired, however I don't think this is really an offered thing either, simply a place for those who ordered partial silicone tails to upgrade to.

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    Ok, thank you both for the clarifications and sorry for my ignorance xD
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    Smermaid Adriel; I ordered a new tail from Merbellas for next year and I'm willing to sell my basic tail from them that I currently own. (Silicone/neoprene with competitor monofin)

    Message me if you are intrested.

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    I think I'm one of three people who have a hybrid, I think Pheonix has one, and maybe ariel was thinking about it or did. I can't remember. But there is power mesh lining and a fluke thats a competitor but different than the others.
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