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Thread: MerFest RollCall

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    MerFest RollCall

    Since there are at least 2 of us plannin on going, I thought we could all check in on one thread...
    This way we can see who is coming from around us, arrange any carpools / room shares/travel tips, etc...

    So, Mermaid Meko will be there. Bringing both my tails too!
    Not sure if I am up for carpooling, as I may be on a mini tour but definitely not ruling it out yet.

    Who else is comin?

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    Ironically, Stu and I are planning a North Carolina vacation in the spring of 2015. If the timing coincided with Merfest, we would go, but sadly, Merfest is in January. So we'll have to miss it this year. We'll try to make it in 2016.

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    I'm going!

    Does anyone want to share a room for NC Merfest 2015? It's 99/night. I'll be checking in on the 1st and out on the 5th. I'm a vendor this year, so our room might have our inventory in it until I can set up our booth. Otherwise, I'm a clean and organized person, non-smoking, not bringing any pets, and an all-around great roommate. I'm not a morning person, but I'll sleep through any noise you make, guaranteed. I'm hoping to make new mer-friends at this event as it is my first! Please send me an email at or text/call at 817-269-2105.

    I'm coming in from Texas. I searched the mernetwork and saw this thread for MerFest and responded. Hope your pod doesn't mind. :-)
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