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Thread: Cold Weather Mers?

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    Cold Weather Mers?

    Hi Everyone!

    I am just curious, with the cold weather in the Midwest, how does everyone stay active? It is obviously getting too cold to swim outside, so the lakes and rivers are out. I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions?

    I am scheduling with my local public library and will be doing appearances in the children's section reading stories and doing art activities. Does anyone else do anything similar? Or even not so similar. lol

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    I plan on doing regular videos this winter, maybe reading some stories and singing some songs in-tail, for posting on youtube or whatever. My local town has an indoor pool that's really deep - it's a diving training pool - so hopefully I'll get to go swimming too!

    I also hope to do some "winter mermaid" photoshoots this year, though I may have to do a bit of driving to get to snow (I live in a really well-protected mountain valley, so we rarely get snow, and if we do, no-one's going outside in it, LOL)

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    No plans but we should find a place that allowes us to swin in our gear

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    We have year 'round heated pools in my area so I'm going to be doing some events there later in the hollidays.
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    I am trying to find place to get in the water


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