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Thread: Conspiracy theories

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    I second this motion, all in favor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AptaMer View Post
    Hey, we could have our very own conspiracy theory.

    It's that all the boats and planes that disappear in the Bermuda Triangle are actually lured in by sirens, who then have their way with the human occupants. I bet this could go viral, then mermaids will regain some of their badass reputation like they had in olden times
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    Yes!!! I am so sharing this and spreading the word!! Not all mermaids are like the ones in young children's shows and books... Take the sirens from Wake, Lullaby, Tidal and Elegy (books by Amanda Hocking) now they are deadly

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    This is an interesting conversation. I have friends in other countries and have this conversation till we are tired of talking but we are better for it and challenge ourselves to prove to ourselves what we believe. What this thread is missing is background for its basis of opinions.

    GUNS- One of the founding protections of the USA is that should the government become corrupt, tyrannical the people would not be helpless. If the government could dictate who can have guns they could defeat that protection.

    Assault weapon is a small fully automatic gun. Not a color.
    Requires registration, background checks- Concealable, Machine Guns, Silencers.

    Criminals “Felons” cannot possess firearms of any kind.

    In my sixty years I have only seen one person with a revolver in a holster walk into a store.

    Big topics - little biddie space.

    P.S. Count me in on the Mermaid conspiracy.
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    I find it interesting how there are some people who, no matter the subject, have a firm belief pertaining to it. I used to think I was like that; I thought I was so passionate about EVERYTHING. The more I learn about other people: their culture, history, personal beliefs, and reasons behind them, I find I can only be really passionate for a very few things. Human compassion is one of them, guns not so much. I think it's great that so many of you have expressed your beliefs and opinions concerning gun control. And now that I've finished my opening ramble, I've completely forgotten my point. So, I guess I'll end my random post with let's spam the mermaid conspiracy!

    Oh. And mermaid Neri Elvina, I haven't read those books, but another edgy series that I love is The Sacred Breath series, and the Lies Beneath trilogy. They're good reads if you're interested.
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    I favour the siren theory, but wasn't there a study or somesuch that the number of vanishing crafts in the Bermuda Triangle was not higher than anywhere else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echidna View Post
    I favour the siren theory, but wasn't there a study or somesuch that the number of vanishing crafts in the Bermuda Triangle was not higher than anywhere else?
    I believe you are correct, and the ratio of lost ships is the same as everywhere else, but the number of ships lost is higher because MORE ships pass through it, (Many popular vacation destinations require travel in that area) which freaks people out.
    As for the ridiculous theory that Sandy Hook didn't happen, I can't believe people could be so insensitive. I might be much different from many of you in my philosophy (I don't think that making guns harder to get is a good thing, it will only mean that more criminals will have guns than good folks. I was raised very pro-gun as my dad was a cop, and it is a bit hard to be frightened of something that you see on your parent's belt everyday when he gets home) but I'm never going to deny that some people are terrible and want to harm other people. Any gun control that comes out of a school shooting is simply politicians "Not letting a good tragedy go to waste" as my husband is fond of saying. (meaning they use the population's sorrow to push through legislation that they wanted anyway)
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    I was in a minor car accident the other day amd was afraid, that if my dad got any more hot headed, the (he seemed to be a skin head) would pull out a gun. Just last month, this gang member had practically the swat team after him, when he held his (beaten) wife hostage with a 9mm.
    And in my old complex, the literal swat team would be there with rifles, automatic guns and the whole bit.
    Its very real. And very scary.

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    Hmm,.. If the conspiracy is true, then do I need to buy a boat?

    We actually had someone here someone here at work a couple months ago that was going on about the sandy hook thing as well. It's really disheartening what some people can believe. Just seems like too many people just want to jump on some bandwagon and not do any critical thinking or investigation of their own.

    really been irked lately by the resurgence of the flat earth thing..

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    Thank you for sharing this. I sympathize so much with the victims and families affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy and the thought still haunts me to this day. For anyone to even try to take away from what truly happened is horrifying. Let's not let these people hurt anyone any longer.


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