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    Hi there!!! I just can't find any job that suites me, and boy is that frustrating!!! I feel that the sea is calling me and I'd like to try to dive in to a mer-career!!

    I (as well as many others) would love to hear how all you professional mer-folk got started and if you have any tips or ideas for us, I'd be very greatful!!

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    14,650 for all my videos, tips, and resources on making it your job

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    Avira, welcome, I'm glad you found the forum, the entire professional mermaid thread is full of everything that you are asking, also Raina wrote an entire book about how to be a mermaid. Peruse the forums, you'll find more than you think you need to know.
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    Click here for the Professional Mermaiding section of the forum.

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    Thanks guys!!!! I've been watching all your videos AniaR and I will definitely be spending all my free time in the forums!

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    Finding a good job is not as easy as it seems. Often you have to change several places to finally find what you like and brings a good income. But I noticed that employers pay a lot of attention to the resume, so I'm looking for the best specialists in this. On the site I found a few, I will decide. I really want to realize myself as a professional.
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